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Meet the Human Lie Detector. Steve van Aperen is known as an international expert in the field of behavioural interviewing, reading body language and detecting deception. Steve has received extensive training from the world's leading international investigative authorities (LAPD, FBI, US Secret Service) in how and why people deceive. He has conducted behavioural interviews and polygraph tests on 64 homicide and 2 serial killer investigations and has been consulted by the Victoria Police Homicide Squad, Major Crime Squad and the media.

Steve who resides in Melbourne, Victoria has emerged as the leading authority on analysing human behaviour and today devotes his knowledge to helping businesses thrive by increasing profits, improving human rapport and reading clients. He is also an international speaker for the prestigious and largest speaking bureau in the world: American Program Bureau headquartered in Boston, USA.

Business is all about relationships. From relationships between management and employees to those between company representatives and customers, a successful business is one in which individuals relate well with each other and their clients.

"By addressing such questions as 'How well can I read others?', 'How can I change my communication methods in order to inspire trust?', and 'How do I know if someone is hiding something?', Steve offers techniques specifically designed to improve your business and your company's bottom line immediately. A highly engaging speaker, he is charismatic and humorous, yet brutally honest." American Program Bureau

As an expert on human behaviour, Steve van Aperen shows companies and government departments how to how to read and interpret micro expressions, distress signals and facial expressions. Research has found that all humans exhibit the same facial expressions associated with fear, anger, joy, contempt, disgust, sadness and surprise. Interestingly enough even when we try to conceal these emotions they will often express themselves within a 25th of a second. Steve's keynote takeaways are extremely valuable during meetings, interviews and negotiations when looking for conflict and contradiction between what a person is saying and what their body language is stating. Steve's keynotes will give your staff the "edge" over many other companies. This is an incredibly insightful and entertaining program with more take-home knowledge than you have ever experienced in a keynote presentation.

As an International public speaker, author, behavioural analyst and media commentator Steve consults his services to government and corporate organisations throughout the world, including BMW, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, Human Capital Institute, Financial Planners Association National Conferences, Goldman Sachs, Health Insurance Commission, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association. He is also the co-author of The Truth about Lies: Uncovering the Fact from Fiction, in which he explains how to effectively read people by drawing on a number of cases including OJ Simpson, Bill Clinton, David Beckham and others.

He has appeared on such media outlets as Access Hollywood, CNN with Sanjay Gupta (Los Angeles), WB 11 Morning News (New York), 60 Minutes (New Zealand), Madison Magazine, ABC News Australia, and many more. Steve is currently in negotiations to host his very own crime show in the United States.

Steve has trained companies in how to read their customers and watch profits soar for the past 14 years. He has spoken at hundreds of conferences and seminars around the world attended by thousands of delegates. A person may be able to lie with words but their body language is much more overt. Learn to how to read the signs.

Keynote Presentations
Read your clients and watch profits soar
This informative 1 hour keynote presentation will teach you how to benchmark behaviours and read what your client or customers are really thinking and feeling. This popular keynote covers understanding and identifying micro and facial expressions and what the 4 key areas to look for when people engage in deception.

Why women make better liars and men have no idea
This entertaining and informative 1 hour keynote presentation highlights the differences between how men and women process information. It also explores in a humorous fashion why women make better liars and men are so bad at lying.

How to detect deception & Read body language in business
Learn what the tell tale signs of deception are and how to identify them by analysing the content and structure of language.

The Seven Winning methods that build trust and increase profits.
Learn from the marketing mistakes that some of the largest global corporations have made and how they turned themselves around. Learn Steve's 7 Step winning strategy designed to build trust and create rapport whilst increasing sales and improving brand loyalty simultaneously.  In this inspiring presentation Steve shows how to increase your customer base and improve rapport in what he terms the "Trust Cycle". Steve explains how sales are based on psychology and emotions and how using the CFF Principle (Keep it Cool, Fun and Functional) will increase your bottom line. More importantly he will show you how to use existing customers to "sell your company" to new customers for no additional expense by becoming customer centric. Happy customers are the cheapest and most effective marketing and branding tool available. Book Steve and see why this presentation is one of the most talked about topics that he delivers.

Improve your sales team's performance using Hypno-Mentoring
Steven van Aperen BA.(CJA), Grad Dip. (Sec Mgmt) is a nationally certified and accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist having graduated from the Academy of Hypnotic Sciences in Melbourne, Australia. Steve has also received training from Don Spencer (The worlds fastest hypnotist) of Hypnotism International based in Montana, USA in rapid induction techniques and advanced Hypnotherapy applications. Steve is an author, certified work place trainer & assessor and public speaker who has presented keynote presentations around the world in behavioural analysis and changing behaviours. Steve was 17 years of age when he hypnotised his very first subject and since those early days now specialises in rapid inductions and clinical hypnotherapy applications to change negative self beliefs and debilitating confidence issues and behaviours. Steve now works with companies, executives and senior management teams to change limiting behaviours using NLP and hypnosis to increase profits, increase confidence, overcome fears whilst exceeding sales targets. See how Steve can transform your sales teams using the latest in hypo-Sales training.

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Steve Van Aperen - How to detect lies

Steve Van Aperen - How to detect lies

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