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Steven Di Pietro

Australia - NSW

Steven runs a mystery shopping business employing 30,000 contractors around Australia and NZ. He has set up 5 businesses, including a mortgage operation in the USA when working of Macquarie Bank. 

It is his obsession to connect purpose and performance both on a personal and organisational level. He works through connections by inveiling organisational and personal truth.

Steven often descibes himself as a GPS unit - he will help you find your destination, keep you on track but leave the steering and the driving to the client. It is the hard data, however that reveals the truth. His experience with data provides unique insights into what does and what does not work. His solution lies in helping organisations find their purpose beyond strategies, vision, mission and goals. Ultimately the magic happens when a company connects its true purpose with its everyday activities. At that point the organisation is producing maximum value with engaged customers and staff.   

A keynote speaker showing people and companies how to connect with their mission and service to others.


Again such a simple message that it is amazing that we don't see the connection - service and sales - interchangeable.
- Woolworths

Mystery Shopping has been a key tool in Adelaide Bank's improvement in the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Research Survey over the last 12 months, showing an increase from about 70% in early 2006 to a sustained performance level around 80% over the past 6 - 9 months, culminating in a peak result of 84.7% in May 2007. This is an absolute credit to the hard work and focus of our staff. This increase now puts Adelaide Bank as the most highly rated bank nationally, 10% clear of ANZ in the field of customer satisfaction.
- Adelaide Bank

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