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Studio teambuilding is an award winning TV and film production company. Working with major corporate brands and produce all aspects of TV commercials, films, television shows, movie premieres, live events, corporate videos and event highlights and more.

Studio Teambuilding offers corporate team building using state-of-the-art technology and best-in-the-business TV and film production professionals to work with your team and most importantly, we love what we do. Working with us, your event will be loads of fun with a creative business focus. We will endeavor to enhance your brand or conference theme.

The Ultimate Team Building Activity
Developing a television commercial is the ultimate way to get your team's creative juices flowing, and focused on the company's brand and its direction.  The world of TV advertising is a fascinating one and now your team can enter this highly creative world as they produce their own 'award-winning' advertisement from the initial brief to its final screening.

You'll be amazed how inspired, artistic and innovative your team will be and with the quality of their final production! TV advertising is the most universal and powerful communication medium. To effectively sell an idea, product, service or brand nothing comes close to a great TV ad.


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