Suzanne is a highly experienced strategist, leadership champion and expert in the area of human potential. She has been improving business and individual performance for more than 25 years. Her focus is on removing the barriers to performance for talented Leaders and Managers within organisations. As a result, she has improved employee engagement and enhanced performance at every level.

As the first woman on the Board of Directors at George Patterson Advertising and a strategy planner for the agency, Suzanne worked to create maximum customer engagement for leading brands in banking, food, cosmetics, animal products, beverages, fine china and crystal.  

In her high level marketing roles with Coca Cola Amatil and Schwarzkopf, Suzanne was responsible for the launch of several well-known fast moving consumer goods brands that remain on the shelves today. 

For 20 years, Suzanne has run her own business and for the past 15 years, has focussed on speaking, training, coaching and facilitative consulting to create sustainable and profitable businesses. Her Clients come from a wide variety of industries including shopping centre management, higher education, financial services, technology, heavy equipment, health, fitness, cosmetics, commercial real estate, publishing and industry funds.

Suzanne develops and delivers transformational keynotes, activities-based workshops, facilitative consulting and Executive Coaching designed to identify and remove the barriers at all levels, to liberate leadership, improve management capability, lift sales results and identify potential to enhance business performance.

She is a thought provoking speaker and a published author.


Liberate Leadership: shift mindsets that block success. Leadership is the critical success factor of any business, yet many high potentials and existing leaders aren't delivering to the extent of their capability. Commonly, what stands in their way is self-created leadership blockers. This keynote is designed to create awareness of the reason these blockers exist, to provide some simple strategies to dismantle the blockers and to open up possibilities that lie beyond.

Skirting Leadership: Are we half the problem? It is well recognised that there is a disproportionately small number of women in leadership positions. This is a complex issue and one of the contributing factors is that women themselves often undermine their opportunities, confidence, self-awareness and hence their ability to step up into leadership positions or to lead effectively. In this keynote, participants learn how they under mine their own credibility and confidence, and provides them with simple strategies to move past their self-imposed limitations in order to step up as leaders.

Create better sales results by handling fear of selling: Selling or business development is just about the most critical activity in any business. You can have great ideas, but if you don't share them, they lose their potency. You can have great products, but without sales, no-one would know about them. Yet, so many businesses go under or remain stagnant because they do not engage in a sufficiently high level of sales activity. By improving your sales skills, you can overcome the debilitating reluctance many people experience around selling, but this is only a temporary solution. By addressing the fear that makes it so challenging to put yourself on the line, any selling skills you have acquired can be put to great use. This keynote helps participants recognise the symptoms of fear and stress and provides a simple path forward to begin creating great sales results.
Find the Talented Stranger Within. So many people suffering from the feeling of not being good enough, also known as the Imposter Syndrome, have never recognised their own talents and successes which makes it impossible for them to make their unique contribution. In this keynote, the concept of the Imposter Syndrome is introduced in a way that helps individuals recognise the symptoms in themselves (70%) or others they are close to. They get to see the typical coping behaviours and understand the business and work benefits and consequences. Through case studies and personal experience, they will see how they can move beyond Imposterhood to discover and release the talented stranger within.



Suzanne... what can I say... your presentation on Thursday morning was fabulous!! It was funny, insightful, personal... just awesome. Clearly you've found your thing!
- SheO, sphinxx

Skirting Leadership has provided me with practical and thought provoking tools to better judge my biggest critic - me! (In a positive way that I know will make a difference at work and also my personal life). Thank you Suzanne - loved the workshops!
- Senior Manager, TAL (formerly Tower Insurance)

Thank you so much for speaking at last night's MS Angels event - you are a truly engaging speaker and I think what you had to say rang very true for many of the ladies in the room. I think we have all felt like imposters from time to time and it's great to hear that we are not alone - and that there are things we can do to overcome these feelings!
- Relationships & Events Manager, MS Research Australia

I was recently chairing the Thomson Reuters Women in Law Conference in Sydney and had the pleasure of watching Suzanne Mercier present on Imposterhood. As a lawyer and a woman, I found her workshop bold, inspiring and thought provoking. Suzanne is clearly a very experienced professional speaker and has a captivating presentation style. I would recommend her workshop to anyone who is currently in a leadership role or has ambitions to achieve that goal.
- Solicitor, Chair Thomson Reuters Women in Law Conference

Suzanne has amazing empathy and emotional intelligence and this is highly evident in the way that she interacts and relates to her audience. She provides a different perspective and balance to the way we value and evaluate ourselves and her presentation is both inspirational and motivational. Her message resonated very strongly with our audience and her session was one of the highlights of our conference day.
- Professional Services Manager, The Real Estate Institute of Victoria

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Suzanne Mercier

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