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A charismatic entrepreneur and coach with energy and heart, Suzy Jacobs connects with the world as a keynote speaker, emcee and an inspiring member of our global community. While relentlessly pursuing impact in life, Suzy has built and sold businesses, produced her own podcast (The Change Room) and is currently immersed in start-up mode, building a new network; Activator Academy.

She’s taken to the stage for Comm Bank, Baker & McKenzie , introduced over a hundred speakers in 3 days for Australias largest retail conference and emcees one of the leading tech conferences for Asia Pacific.

Speaking topics

Emcee, Host & Facilitator

Suzy has a super-power on stage. Seriously. You only need read the reams of testimonials below to know she brings something special to the stage.

She will entertain your guests, honour your speakers and pull stories together to deliver on your outcomes.

She will deliver with style, presence, poise and charm.

Her super-power? Her desire and ability to make every human being feel like they were meant to be there. Valued, respected, heard, your guests will leave feeling lighter.

For The Love Of Networking

Suzy first delivered this story in June 2019 at an industry event for women in music.

Originally slated to be a 5 minute opener her audience begged for more. The stories and insights shared that night inspired guests to continue networking to the wee hours of the morning.

Suzy now delivers this surprising story of love, first impressions, connection and powerful apologies as a 30 minute keynote.

Not so much about how to network, this inspires audiences to know why they want to network.

Entertaining, energetic and filled with wit, this is the perfect starter session for your conference.

F*** Potential - The unremarkable and common story of ‘try harder’

Suzy was led to believe she should just ‘try harder “ to reach her potential.

Failing school she went about ‘trying hard’ in the outside world - university, various vocations, none of which seemed to uncover her potential.

At 23 she married a lovely human being, together they built businesses, produced kids, travelled and lived overseas. By all accounts they were successful but Suzys’ potential continued to elude her.

Either she didn’t have any or was totally unqualified to access it.

Untapped potential is so common we rarely stop to consider the true impact - it’s the cause of mental un-wellness and has a huge financial pressure on our economy.

Revealing, self-deprecating and full of wisdom, this keynote delivers a new methodology for releasing time, energy and joy in the workplace. Real tools for the real world.

Suzy Jacobs speaker

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Suzy Jacobs - Your virtual MC

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