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Tamerlaine is an expert presenter and facilitator with more than 25 years’ experience, enabling collaboration and communication in diverse and global workplaces. Her presentations, advisory services and training programs are described by clients as ‘transformational’ and ‘game changing’. She is a member of the Board of the Australia-ASEAN Council for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and founder and Managing Director of Beasley Intercultural, Australia’s premier cross-cultural training and consultancy company. Tamerlaine speaks Thai and has studied Lao and Bahasa Indonesia.

Tamerlaine leads a team of consultants working across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Her clients include global businesses, governments, multilateral agencies and development organisations. Tamerlaine’s keynote presentations, advisory services and training programs are described by clients as ‘transformational’ and ‘game changing’.

Previous experience includes: coaching and advising leaders in Australia and Asia on cultural capability and global strategy; working with global teams to optimise performance; developing a framework for capability building for APEC; facilitating regional forums for the United Nations; and leading the development of diversity and inclusion programs for the Australian Public Service Commission and the Department of Defence.

Tamerlaine has studied Asian Studies at the ANU, International Business at Penn State University and Thai at Chulalongkorn in Thailand. She lectures at Australia’s leading Universities with a focus on global mindset, cross-cultural leadership and communication. She is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Doing Business in Asia: Intercultural Essentials

It is increasingly important to have the capability to do business in, and with people from key Asian economies. Whether working in sectors including finance, engineering, law or IT, the Asian Century beckons.

But what is different when doing business in the region? What are the typical experiences, challenges and perceptions of Australian business people in Asia?

In this engaging presentation, Tamerlaine will provide an overview of the key differences in approach to business between Australia and selected Asian economies. She will explore key drivers of business behaviour and provides valuable tips on common pitfalls to avoid, and strategies for success.

Participants will leave with key tips and techniques to minimise cultural misunderstandings, and maximise results.

Workforce Capability for the Asian Century

About 40 per cent of the world's economic activity is now in Asia and there has never been a more important time for Australian businesses to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Asian century.

People who are effective when working in complex intercultural workplaces demonstrate; high level interpersonal and communication skills; tolerance for ambiguity; an awareness of the subjectivity of their own perspective; and the capacity to adjust and adapt as required.

Tamerlaine can explain to the audience what the Asian century means for businesses and how workplaces can become more 'Asia capable' in terms of professional development, maximising performance in this new world of work and what needs to happen in terms of professional development and support for our people. Participants will gain a clearer understanding of the critical capabilities to focus on for success.

Diversity - going beyond 'getting the numbers' and truly creating inclusive and high performance workplaces

A clear case for diversity in workplaces has been made, so why is enabling diversity so hard?

Many organisations are currently attempting to transition from largely monocultural, male-led operations to inclusive and diverse workforces. Work teams are also shifting from co-located, 9-5 service delivery to a more global virtual model where colleagues may be located in a variety of countries across the region, or the world.

Diversity, when done right, leads to greater creativity and higher business performance. Yet, it's not as easy as 'getting the numbers'. To enable performance in newly diverse and global teams, we need to rethink process and create an environment where everyone has the capacity to contribute. The process of 'how' we work is increasingly significant, it's not just 'what' we do.

In this session, Tamerlaine challenges some of the assumptions around normal in the workplace and provides a globally comparative perspective to highlight alternatives. Often we are trapped within our own worldview and experience, and this session provides the opportunity to see from a different perspective, to rethink participation and to challenge unconscious bias.


5 out of 5 ... helps make you aware of unconscious biases you may have which may prevent you making the most of diversity.
- Chief Economist, AMP

You did an amazing presentation and I think really helped some (if not all) the delegates come to an understanding on "all this culture stuff". What was impressive was that it was more the Asian delegates that were opening their eyes, which was great. I had several comments over breakfast etc that people saw visibly changes in people's networking and meeting new people after your presentation. So well done.
- Regional Executive, Asia Pacific, Baker Tilly International.

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