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Tania de Jong AM is one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs and innovators with 5 businesses and 3 charities under her belt. She is also one of Australia’s leading speakers and has the voice of an angel. Tania has recently been named in the 100 Women of Influence and the 100 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in Australia.

Tania is a global authority on creativity, innovation and collaboration. With a grandmother who invented the foldable umbrella, innovation is in her blood.

Individuals, communities, corporations and governments face increasing challenges and accelerating change, and Tania expand mindsets and inspires audiences to think more laterally and creatively about the future. In 2018 Thinkers 50 invited her to be a keynote speaker and performer at the European Business Forum in Denmark.

For 10 years Tania has produced the ground-breaking Creative Innovation Asia Pacific forum bringing together international and national leaders to focus on managing and preparing for a rapidly changing world. Creative Innovation Global has received international and national awards including Corporate Event of the Year in the global Eventex Awards.

Tania is the Founder of Creative Universe, Creative Innovation Global, Dimension5, MTA Entertainment & Events, Pot-Pourri), Mind Medicine Australia, The Song Room and Creativity Australia and the With One Voice program.

She received the Order of Australia in 2008 for her work as a performer, entrepreneur and for her impact on education, innovation and the community. Tania’s other awards include Ernst and Young Australian Social Entrepreneur of the Year, the ‘Outstanding Individual Contribution to Australian Culture’, Churchill Fellowship and The Melbourne Award. She was inducted into the AGSE Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame at Swinburne University and named Brainlink Woman of Achievement. Tania was named in the 2016 Impact 25 Awards which honour the social sector’s most influential people for their significant and positive impact in Australia and around the world. She was recently honoured with the Award for Meritorious Service to the Community in the Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2019. 

Tania is an agent for change. She is an inspirational and moving storyteller and performer. Her keynotes, combined with the power of song, are transformational. She is known for her ability to unleash creative energy and capabilities, expand mindsets and raise collective consciousness, build ‘can-do’ teams and strategies to develop a culture of innovation, diversity and inclusion.

Tania has an unusual background because her work and knowledge spans the business, public, creative and community sectors. She is therefore able to draw together cross-sector themes relevant to business and government sectors. She is a dynamic and insightful speaker, MC, panel member, workshop leader and performer and enjoys customising her contributions to suit specific client briefs to create outstanding outcomes. Her TED Talk has sparked global interest. Tania has released 7 albums with her acclaimed singing group Pot-Pourri and has released 4 solo albums including the new release Flying Free and The Breezes at Dawn Have Secrets to Tell.

Speaking topics

Human Intelligence 2.0

How to manage change in an era of disruption and build a collective future?

Key Learnings:

  • Fast-track your thinking about change and the future
  • Human Intelligence 2.0 tools to develop agile growth, mindsets and skills, innovation, resilience, performance and leadership
  • How to develop more right-brained, creative and collaborative thinking to solve wicked collective problems
  • Insights into harnessing generosity, diversity and inclusion to build communities that care
  • Case studies to inspire action

Being Human in an Age of Machines – the mental health challenge

“Things are getting better and better and worse and worse, faster and faster, simultaneously.”

Key Learnings:

  • The current mental health statistics and solutions available
  • How to raise our consciousness and build a collective future
  • How neuroscience can help us change our brains and reconnect to self and others
  • Ways to empower people to find their purpose so that they can unleash their true creative potential
  • How to include diverse voices and help people to feel a sense of belonging
  • Why psychedelic-assisted therapies could be a potential game-changer

Voices of Innovation – The Power of Positive Human Collisions

  • How to build a collaborative, purpose-driven and innovative culture
  • Insights into harnessing diversity and creating opportunity
  • Enhanced creative thinking and how to develop agile growth mindsets
  • Tools to develop your resilience, performance and leadership
  • Integrating feminine power with masculine wisdom

Thinking outside the box: Leading Innovation and Change

  • Develop creative, intuitive, right-brained and agile mindsets and think ‘outside the box’
  • Deal with failure and developing resilience
  • Build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that leads to business growth and success
  • Prepare for and manage in times of massive uncertainty, disruption and change
  • To understand why diversity will increase your organisation’s productivity and lead to sustainable growth
  • Make a difference to the communities where you operate

Creativity and Innovation – how to harness them in your people and organisation?

  • We are all creative – building creative confidence and self-belief
  • Dealing with failure and developing resilience
  • Using neuroscience and your right brain to super-charge your work and life
  • Tools to unlock your individual and organisational creative potential
  • How to develop a culture where creativity and innovation can flourish
  • Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship within your organisation

From profits to purpose in an era of disruption

  • How to build a collaborative, inclusive and innovative culture
  • Insights into harnessing diversity and building communities that care
  • Enhanced ‘out of the box’ creative thinking and agile growth mindsets
  • Tools to develop your resilience, performance and leadership
  • Integrating feminine power with masculine wisdom
  • Why doing good really matters
  • Case studies to inspire action

Creativity: the strategic tool of the 21st Century

  • Why creativity has become our most endangered species, and why it is more important now than ever before
  • Using neuroscience and your right brain to super-charge your work and life
  • Tools to unlock your individual and organisational creative potential
  • How creativity leads to improved wellbeing, social inclusion, innovation, leadership, productivity and transformation
  • Unleashing the unique creative voices of your team and your organisation


Tania brings her own special magic to an event. She combines valuable insights with a fantastic singing voice – a truly unique experience. She electrified the 2018 European Business Forum.
- Thinkers 50

It was a fantastic experience to hear your speech at Thinkers 50 in Odense in 2018. You really made it crystal clear to all of us what “purpose” means and how important it is if you want to make a difference. Very impressive.
- European Business Forum

It is truly inspiring to be in the presence of someone as passionate, creative and confident as Tania de Jong. It’s her passion and outside of the box thinking that is most impressive as she takes those around her on her incredible life journey. Most importantly, it’s her incredible being that made her keynote at our conference exceptional and that’s very hard to find. It was highly interactive, engaging, and pushed people’s boundaries which was great to observe. You are an amazing person Tania so thank you for sharing your greatness with us.
- Blackbaud

Once again Tania demonstrated how well she can adjust to the needs of different audiences. For our staff conference she successfully focused on our conference themes of innovation, managing change and the importance of effective teams. As usual she managed to fully engage our group and achieved a high level of participation by all. In our post conference feedback sessions the group unanimously scored her segment as outstanding.
- David Edwards, ASCA

This golden-voiced diva gave us all goose bumps. Her message was powerful and her never give up attitude was so inspiring. She has clearly earned her success through hard work and extraordinary talent. Entertaining and brilliant!
- Ernst & Young - Entrepreneur of the Year

Tania de Jong brought warmth, enthusiasm and inspiration to our launch of Constellation - Professional Women's Speaker Series. We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback on our selection of speaker. Tania managed to transcend our business world with her background as a lawyer, evoked compassion and understanding with her family history and encouraged us to be resilient when our dreams are shattered. She inspired us all to look for the music in our lives, let our dreams soar and our voices sing.
- Deirdre Hosking, Founding Patron, Constellation, NAB

Your presentation "Creative Leadership - The Key to Success in Uncertain Times" was excellent, evidenced by the number and calibre of questions from the audience. You provided cutting edge public policy thinking for our Trustees. Feedback from the event has been excellent.
- Centre for Economic Development Australia

You were wonderful. You engaged with over 700 of our consultants in a powerful way and reinforced our own potential. The standing ovation was a testament to the way you moved us into a different headspace. Many people have mentioned it was the best session they have attended at a conference anywhere!
- Price Waterhouse Coopers

The event last night was a great success, and on a number of different levels. It was fun, built trust and shared experience amongst our group, and helped advance the leadership program we are workshopping. Your contribution was wonderful and you obviously have a winning set of products that are refreshingly different. Thank you for sharing the experience with us last night.
- BHP Worsley Alumina

Tania de Jong speaker

Speaker Video

Speaker showreel

Speaker showreel

Tania de Jong AM at TEDxMelbourne - How singing together changes the brain
Tania de Jong AM highlights video – International Inspirational Keynote Speaker (agent version)
ONE TEAM, ONE VOICE team building, group singing workshop presented by Creative Universe

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