Tansel Ali is the Australian memory champion. He has broken several memory records and competed in the World Memory Championships in Malaysia where he was crowned 'Grandmaster of Memory' for remembering a random shuffled deck of cards under 3 minutes. At the same event he also broke 5 national memory records for a total of 6. He has recently memorised the entire display advertising sections in the Sydney Yellow Pages phone directory in only 24 days. That is over 2000 business' and 18,000 odd digits.

Tansel has spent the last 10 years training people how to maximise the use of their brain to work more effectively. From students right through to corporate executives, Tansel's interactive coaching style and personal experience has attributed to many success stories.

Regularly featured on a variety of media such as television, radio, print, and online, Tansel is candid about his strategies and reveals the secrets to his success. An engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking speaker, Tansel is often delivering to large audiences and capturing their minds with the topic he loves most - personal development.

Tansel has also worked in radio as a presenter, played guitar in a metal band, acted in videos which include a VicRoads drink driving campaign, was a finalist in the Australian Muslim Achievement Awards for role model of the year, and has 10 years experience in IT and training, and 20+ years in customer service.

Tansel is currently studying a Master of Information Systems Management / Master of Business Administration in the school of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Swinburne University, and working as an Organisational Development & E-Learning Advisor and is the Chair of Workplace Wellness at Eastern Health's Peter James Centre.

Speaker Topics

  • Mindmechanix Memory Gymnasium Workshop: The ultimate memory program by the very best
  • Mindmechanix Speed Reading Workshop: Read faster, remember more
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Effective Online Learning
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Introducing Technology To Baby Boomers (Smart phones, Tablets, Internet, Email, Social Media, Searching)
  • Making Communication Memorable
  • Mind Mapping for Business and Schools
  • Planning, Goal Setting and Developing a Strategy
  • Remembering Lines for Actors
  • Remembering Lyrics for Musicians
  • Remembering Names
  • Speaking Confidently Without Notes
  • Turning Your App Ideas Into Income
  • Using MS Office Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Using Technology to Create Memorable Presentations
  • Working With Computers - Macs and PCs



Tansel's understanding of memory enabled him to provide practical advice to marketers about how to get their messages remembered. At short notice Tansel was able to prepare a breakfast presentation that worked in well with two other speakers. He made a real difference to the enjoyment and learning from the session. We would highly recommend him.
- Owner Instinct and Reason

Tansel is an engaging and upbeat presenter and kept participants engaged throughout the session. It's surprising how quickly his methods on retaining information can be understood and implemented. In an age where we are overwhelmed by information and detail, it's good to know that there are techniques out there that work.
- Organiser of Executive Assistants' Seminar Series

Tansel Ali is an amazing talent, entertainer and person. He engages an audience so well in having them hanging off every word he recalls from his amazing mind. Our audience was in awe of him being able to recall facts and figures when most of us struggle to remember our phone number or an anniversary.
- TedxDubbo

Tansel Ali speaker

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