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"Arnold Schwarzenegger may have signed the world's toughest anti-global-warming law, but it is Terry Tamminen, his environmental adviser, who is emerging as the state's real [global warming] Terminator." (TIME Magazine, April 9, 2007).

"Terry Tamminen...is probably the most brilliant guy around when it comes to the environment," says Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, (Outside Magazine, April 2007).
In the summer of 2003, Terry helped Arnold Schwarzenegger win the historic recall election and become Governor of California. He was appointed Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency in November, 2003 and later appointed Cabinet Secretary, the Chief Policy Advisor to the Governor.

An accomplished author, Terry's latest book is Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction (Island Press) is a timely examination of our dependence on oil and a strategy to evolve to more sustainable energy sources. He has also authored several theatrical works on the life of William Shakespeare.
Working with Governor Schwarzenegger, environmental groups, and business leaders around the world, Terry designed some of the most innovative solutions to our environmental and energy challenges - the Hydrogen Highway, the Million Solar Roof Initiative, and California's landmark Climate Change Action Plan. He currently lectures and advises several Governors, Canadian and Australian Premiers, and business leaders on energy and environmental policy, especially the solutions to global warming.


For What Will We Remember This Day?
A motivational and inspirational talk using the changes in the natural world and world cultures of the past and present as analogies for defining our own destiny (30 to 45 minutes).

The Five Keys to Success: From Shakespeare to Schwarzenegger
The secrets to success in life and business, based on real world experiences that Terry learned from performing plays by Shakespeare, serving in the Cabinet of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and living in Nigeria, Australia, and Malibu, California. (30 minute speech or 90 minute interactive seminar)

Global Warnings: Solutions for the Climate Change Challenge
Tamminen offers hope that we can tackle the defining issue of our time and prosper in the 21st Century. Using the experiences from many nations and the "living laboratory" of California, he outlines the steps underway - - and those still needed - to win the battle over human-caused climate change. As the Secretary of California's Environmental Protection Agency, Terry was the architect of the Hydrogen Highway Network, the Climate Action Plan, and the $3,2 billion Million Solar Roof Initiative, all of which will play a key role in ending our dependence on fossil fuels and combating global warming. (30 to 60 minutes).

Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction
Tamminen quotes from his new book that bears this insightful title, illuminating the dangers we all face - to our health, politics, and wallets - from our addiction to oil. The book offers practical steps to break this harmful dependence  - some that are already causing sharp controversy - and sets forth a practical roadmap to a brighter, more sustainable energy future. (30 minute speech or 90 minute interactive seminar).

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