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"The Baker Boys" are a Melbourne/Sydney based 3-14 man cover band that specialise in high-energy music for festivals, events and private functions - at a sensible price. They pride themselves on a "cooler-than-average" song list that is never cheesey, and focuses squarely on filling your dance-floor!

They play a very wide variety of music, to an exceptional standard, but they specialise in up-tempo festival-style music - capable of everything from chart classics, funk grooves and soul, swing/jazz and current dance hits / radio top 40. On one night they might be playing completely 1950s rock n' roll, and on the next night, only 80s hits. Or a mixture of eveything- you really have to see it live to understand!

The Baker Boys Band pride themselves on a style and song-list that aims at getting everyone up and jumping! Depending on the band configuration, they typically play Guitar, Drums, Violin, Double-Bass, Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, Rhodes Piano, and Vocals.

The members of the band are internationally renowned professional musicians, currently working with many industry giants, including the Network 10 Television, The ABC, Sony Australia, and they play and tour regularly with a wide variety of artists.

The Baker Boys have been selected several times by The Age newspaper's Green Guide as "Most Recommended Gig of the Week".

The flavour of their show is always customised to the crowd and your event, and although they have built their reputation around dance-floor music they are also completely at home with the more chilled tunes that work well earlier on in the evening. With their huge range of songs, they are capable of making sure that there is something for everybody. Despite being a young band, the Baker Boys already have an enviable reputation in the industry, and many of Australia's premier venues recommend them as their "band of choice", for their professionalism, and sheer entertainment value.

Each of these full-time, industrial-strength musicians in this band were hand-picked from around the country, and are exceptional performers, with at least 10 years of experience in professional live performance - it is an all-star band, and you can see their passion for music just by watching them!

The Baker Boys play mostly in Melbourne and Sydney, but they also tour internationally, playing all kinds of gigs, from festivals and private functions, to chilled jazz bar gigs. They can customise their sets to just about any size and budget, and can play a variety of genres of music at a truly world-class standard!

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