The Fab Four

The Fabfour have been bringing the magic of The Beatles alive for over a decade. Their show has thrilled audiences across Australia and Asia time and time again.
The quality of the musicians, production crew and the easygoing nature of everyone concerned with The Fabfour has been the catalyst for their success. The aim has always been to give Beatle fans the sound and look of the Beatles, let them feel by the end of a performance that they had experienced what it was like to have seen the Beatles themselves perform live.

The important part for the Band was to project their own personalities and get away from a regimented type of show. It had to be raw, and they had to project a little of themselves. It's not a case of what they have achieved, the fact is, the Beatles gave the Fabfour this incredible repertoire of music to perform and, 38 years on people of all ages still love to hear it.
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