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The brilliant talent of The Rechargeables is a full event solution. Training or education session, MC, entertainment spot, comedy, or energisers this improvisation group deliver every time. Improvisation by nature demands fast thinking and flexibility; this combined with the corporate experience of The Rechargeables give you a resourceful team for any event.

The Rechargeables are the first comedy act to star in their own show on the Las Vegas strip, demonstrating their position as a world class act. They are a best described as a dynamic combination of interactive improvised comedy, entertainment and training. The pool of talent that make up  The Rechargeables have experience in writing, television, radio, production and comedy. The diverse background and framework means they can completely tailor their session and material for your audience.

Have you ever been in a conference or training room where you can feel the energy and engagement of everyone present? The Rechargeables are masters at drawing the energy from participants and sustaining a powerful session.  TR recognises that laughter anchors learning, when we are having fun the brain is engaged and we absorb and remember messages. The Rechargeables training and communication workshops are hugely popular with corporate teams. They are fun while being effective, the team is able to focus on a message or theme and are able to work with any sized group. The Rechargeables provide training sessions for a number of Australia's well-known companies and brands. The team at Ovations are happy to provide you with client testimonials outlining the outcome of these sessions, team building, high productivity and results.
Perhaps it's a night of laugher or a warm professional MC you require. Maybe even both - The Rechargeables can take care of your entire evening, entertainment, MC (solo or duo) saving you the worry and cost of booking multiple acts. You have the peace of mind knowing that The Rechargeables are ready to step in anytime, if things go a little off course nothing puts them off their stride.  They seamlessly pull events together and handle the stage and audience with professional ease.

The Rechargeables excel at customising for each client. They are brilliant creative consultants and performers. Their mission is to engage your audience and always look to collaborate with you and create the best day or night possible. Why not speak with The Rechargeables about your event concept? With an extensive pool of talent throughout Australia's main cities they are always available and reliable.

Popular Programs:
Who's Line Is It Aussie Way - Comedy and Improvisation show 30-60 minutes.
This show was seen by over 12,000 people in Las Vegas. It involves a hilarious team of improvisers who use audience suggestions who use to create "side splitting" hilarious scenes and hysterical musical spoofs on the spot. No show is ever the same or repeated.  It's completely unique, just like your audience.
The Rechargeables teams have performed together for over 10 years and have mastered how to read people. They understand how to select volunteers who want to be involved in the show. They never embarrass anybody or pull them up on stage unwillingly.

Change Agents
The Rechargeables- Change Agents Strategy Session reveals the top 5 secrets to rapid change management, innovation, communication, relationship building and creativity. This is a fantastic team building and morale boosting session and will provide great recall and memories for all participants.
With their unique and hilarious comedy style, The Rechargeables team will have your audience laughing while leaving them with powerful practical tools. These tools will enable your team to look for future opportunities and communicate their ideas powerfully. Your team will have a new set of techniques to take back to the workplace to practice immediately.
Available as a 60 minute session with 3 performers. Also available as a breakout interactive team session. 3 performers - up to audiences of 100. 1 additional facilitator per 30 people.

E = MC2 (The Genius MC Solution)
This is the popular MC duo. 2 experienced hosts with incredible synergy, energy and experience to keep your event running. They know how to maintain the audience's attention and ensure sure everyone enjoys your event. The Rechargeables are fantastic at taking a brief to convey the tone you are looking for. And of course being improvisation performers, if anything changes at the last minute or there is a hiccup the duo will make it seamless.
E = MC2 will keep everything rolling at the pace you need and is guaranteed to make your event memorable for all the right reasons!

Full conference solution
Opening or closing session.  Workshop, training, MC, energisers, evening comedy show. Please speak with your Ovations consultant to arrange a consultation with The Rechargeables.


Inhibitions soon melted away, and the witty and tasteful humour meant that everyone had a great time, which is always a risk with any form of comedy in a mixed audience. Would I engage The Rechargeables again? Absolutely. Would I recommend them to someone who wants to put some fun into virtually any gathering? Of course.
- Arthur Ellis Pty Ltd

The Rechargeables! make communication come alive as they take you on a fun-filled, unpredictable journey into the unknown. Be prepared to laugh until you cry as boundaries are stretched and you are involved in taking communication to a whole new level. A resounding success, The Rechargeables! session cemented the success of our whole program!
- Group Training Australia

The Rechargeables were the perfect entertainment act, no matter what the theme. Their fresh approach and broad sense of humour was perfect for my large, multicultural group of store managers. From hire to farewell, I couldn't be more happy with the progress and professionalism of the group.
- DSE (Holding) Pty Ltd

The Rechargeables! are true professionals able to capture an audience quickly and set the tone of the night on a high. They played a critical role in ensuring the evening was a huge success - nothing was too difficult and they worked seamlessly to our requirements!
- Roche

Thanks for your support at our MBE conference, we have had exceptional feedback from clients and in fact I just got off the phone to one of them who raved about you and Robi and your ability to keep them engaged and attentive for the two days. From my perspective you were both a delight to work with you, very professional, very entertaining, presented with enthusiasm and passion and ensured the conference stayed on track for the two days. You made my job very easy as you basically managed the two days and the agenda. I look forward to working with you again soon.Thank you.
- Director of Marketing KAO Goldwell

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