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The Singing Chefs are always a sure-fire way to liven up an event. With their energy, enthusiasm, musical talents and witty repartee, The Singing Chefs will ensure that your guests are looked after in the most entertaining of ways. From meet and greet roving to a stage performance, The Singing Chefs have now imparted their secret recipe for corporate Australia to really have some fun!

About Us:

All experienced corporate performers, The Singing Chefs are experts at roving amongst your guests. With funny patter and toe-tapping songs, the Chefs will soon have your guests singing along to the chorus. Each song's lyrics are changed to reflect food in all its' glory - "Barbara Ann" becomes "BBQ", "Wake Up Little Susie" is now "Make Up A Little Sushi" and "Wait Till The Midnight Hour" is rewritten as "Wait Till You Add Some Flour".

Alternatively, The Singing Chefs can take their talents to the stage and perform a 10 to 15-minute feature spot. Or, for something completely different, each course can by "introduced" by The Singing Chefs - in their inimitable style - with a flourish and a funny song. The Chefs can also write special lyrics, relating to the client, their product or a particular theme to the event. Tell us your idea - and The Singing Chefs will do the rest.

Whatever package you choose, The Singing Chefs will be a memorable addition to your event.

Perfect as a meet and greet roving performance, The Singing Chefs are a true ice breaker. Able to suit most themes and events, these seasoned performers are dedicated to making your guests feel welcome from the very outset. To be greeted by the visually stunning Chefs, complete with their trademark songs and laughs is guaranteed to put a smile on the face or even the most discerning diner! After the meet and greet, The Singing Chefs can then help usher your guests into the room and rove amongst them until the formalities begin. A great, fun way to begin your evening!

A brilliant way to break up an evening is with a short, sharp stage performance with laughs and songs aplenty. The Singing Chefs have a 10 - 15 minute stage spot that is perfect for corporate dinners and events. They will weave your company's details into their patter and undertake some audience participation to really get the party started. Non-offensive and great fun, The Singing Chefs can make your evening taste that much better.


Thank you once again for yesterday and helping make our event a great success. The feedback so far has been great and everyone had a fantastic time. Without you guys I know it wouldn’t have been even close to half the fun it was.
- The Edge - Corporate Strategies

We were very impressed with the performers The Singing Chefs provided at the Big Queensland BBQ. I would definitely recommend the act to my colleagues for future events.
- Department of Premier and Cabinet

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