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For over 20 years Dr Happy has been helping people make meaningful changes in their lives, overcome depression and anxiety, as well as helping individuals and organisations achieve their full potential and be the best they can be.

The resident psychologist on Excess Baggage (Nine Network) has three degrees in psychology (including a PhD) and an impressive record as an academic, clinician and coach. Dr Happy runs one of Sydney's oldest and most respected clinical psychology practices, a highly regarded Executive Coaching practice, and is the founder and CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of The Happiness Institute, Australia's first organisation devoted solely to enhancing happiness in individuals, couples, families and organisations.
He has taught at all the major universities in NSW and is currently an Adjunct Professor (in Positive Psychology) within the Faculty of Business at UTS and also an Adjunct Professor (Positive Psychology) within the School of Health Sciences at RMIT University. Dr Sharp has also published a number of research articles in scientific journals, developed 'The Happiness Diet'  and is also a bestselling author of several books including 'The Happiness Handbook'.

Dr. Happy has spoken to many organisations as well as at many conferences. Here are just a few examples:

  • Dell
  • Schering-Plough
  • Novartis
  • AGSM Alumni (and the Lifelong Learning Program)
  • The CEO Institute
  • The Smith Family's "Sydney Conversations"
  • The Vajrayana Institute's "Happiness & It's Causes Conference"
  • Life Changing Experiences (organisers of the Big Sister/Little Sister program)
  • Ran One's Conference for financial planners and accountants
  • SWAP (business network)
  • The Catalyst Network
  • The Australian Vetinarian Association

  • Feedback from Dr. Happy's keynotes, workshops and seminars has been fantastically positive


    Our organisation recently went though a series of significant changes. Leading up to the transition, we were looking to create a springboard from which our people could thrive in the new environment - to reignite the spark that existed before changes were announced. One of our strategies was to enlist the help of Dr. Tim Sharp from the Happiness Institute to assist us in designing programs to keep staff engaged in the business. Tim understood our needs and the content of the workshops was perfect for the outcome we were looking for. The feedback from staff was extremely positive with many staff expressing their gratitude that the organisation had anticipated and provided for their needs in such a considered way. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Tim Sharp and the Happiness Institute.
    - Swiss Reinsurance Company

    DMC Outsourcing were delighted with the presentations and work sessions presented by Dr. Tim Sharp of The Happiness Institute. The sessions were informative, engaging and delivered everyone personal insights into how they can manage themselves to create a sense of well being and achievement. From an organisational perspective, we have developed expertise based on personal strengths, and have adopted strategies from The Happiness Institute's CHOOSE model to play to personal and organisational strengths, work on internal and external relationships, improve clarity, be optimistic and enjoy the moment. The sessions provided a great foundation for improving how we operate as a business, and I really appreciate the enthusiasm Tim has engendered in DMC.
    - Managing Director, DMC Outsourcing

    We really enjoyed having Tim speak and we would happy to have him speak again at a future event if he is willing and the opportunity arises (promise there will be no “laughing” interruptions this time!
    - Worplace research centre, University of Sydney

    Brilliant! Thought provoking, interesting, engaging, great speaker.
    - Worplace research centre, University of Sydney

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    Dr Tim Sharp

    Dr Tim Sharp

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