Dr Tom Mulholland has 20 years experience in Emergency Medicine and General Practice. He has a 1st class honours degree in Molecular Genetics, a Diploma of Sports Medicine and has been the Doctor for the Taranaki and Fijian National Rugby teams. He was a pioneer of e-health founding Dr Global, and has won numerous business awards for innovation and leadership in the Health sector. He is currently the Chief Emotional Architect of the Healthy Thinking Institute, a Senior Medical Officer at Auckland City Hospital and an Honorary Lecturer in Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland.

His research interests involve what he terms neurobics, the ability to train your brain using your mind to strengthen  healthy neurological networks and prune unhealthy ones. He is doing a PHD on Emergency Care Workers and how Healthy Thinking and Neurobics can improve situational awareness and other executive functions like memory and concentration. He uses techniques such as Heart Rate Variability to show the effects of having a healthy attitude on performance and decision making.

He is an international bestselling author of 2 books on  Healthy Thinking which are in 12 countries and hosted his own daily TV show on TV 2, Dr Tom The Attitude Doctor. Dr Tom has given hundreds of presentations globally on the benefits of Healthy Thinking and has developed an Attitude profiling system which is being distributed  by psychologists here and overseas.

His list of clients include Google, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Audi, Hilton, Johnson  and Johnson the Ministry of Health.

He will show how the Healthy Thinking Institute and its Attitude Gym can improve personal and business performance.

Keynote Presentation

Live Fast Die Old  and have a good looking Corpse, How to perform better from the Bedroom to the Board room (and stay out of my Emergency Department)

In this keynote you will laugh, cry, be entertained and educated by and experienced Doctor both in the clinic and on the stage.

You will learn..

  • How to reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and workplace injury
  • How to improve you staffs Physical and Emotional fitness
  • How to prevent Heart attacks, Strokes, Cancer and sickness.
  • Ways to live longer and stay healthier and the keys to weight loss and great sleep
  • How to stay motivated and engaged at home and work.
  • How to recruit and retain staff by having a competitive healthy workplace.
  • Secrets of the top performing companies..


The Healthy Thinking® program not only helped create a more productive workplace it gave our people real tools to improve the quality of their private lives.
- ACE Insurance

Tom has got a great message which he presents in a humorous way. How do we change things? By changing our attitudes. He provides great examples of what and how.
- Commonwealth Bank

Many thanks indeed for the recent 'healthy thinking' day with our Business Development team . I believe the whole day was a resounding success but I know from talking to the attendees, they found your approach and content not only to be valuable but above all else, practical!
- Hilton, Sydney

Thanks for everything Tom – you were the PERFECT facilitator for the event – I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve had great feedback from everyone who attended and as I said on the day, my expectations were exceeded!
- CureOurKids.com.au

Dr Mulholland gave an Inspiring and humorous presentation with real life examples for changing my attitude and how my attitude can affect others. Dr. Mulholland's message is simple (and already within all of us). Healthy Thinking can be adopted by anyone willing to make an effort. Thanks for making our Disability conference in Seattle such a success.
- Occupational Health Services

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