Meet Tom O'Toole - author, inspirational speaker, business leader and founder of the famous Beechworth Bakery

Tom changes lives.

The thousands of people whose lives he has impacted typically say he is "real, captivating, unforgettable and transformational".

Tom is best known for his incredible entrepreneurial story on how he created Australia's most successful standalone retail bakery business. Employing over 250 staff with a turnover in excess of $17 million and serving over 1 million customers per year, the bakery is testament to Tom's savvy entrepreneurship, drive and innovative business practices.

He is also much more than this and wears multiple hats in his life today. He has risen above his impoverished background to become an incredibly successful businessman, leader, author, mentor, ambassador and, of course, Australia's most unorthodox speaker. His grit and guts typify this charismatic baker from Beechworth.

Tom is a highly captivating and unforgettable speaker who has spoken to tens of thousands of people in Australia and around the World. His wealth of knowledge and wisdom has transformed their lives and businesses.

Tom is a real as it gets. He simply shares his story and experiences yet with great passion, and is famous for making his audiences laugh. He rekindles enthusiasm and inspires eagerness to change without audiences ever realising it until they walk out, totally energized and rearing to go. Packed with practical take away messages for delegates both at a personal and business level, every presentation is tailored specifically to the needs of the client.

Of course, Tom is still in business today and retains a majority share in the Beechworth Bakery business.

Tom speaks to:

  • Corporate 
  • Retail
  • Franchise Groups
  • Small to large business owners / groups
  • Universities & TAFEs
  • Schools 
  • Community Groups
  • Not-for-Profit organizations

Keywords most often used to describe Tom:

  •  Unique  
  • Influential
  • Inspiring  
  • Grounded
  • Dynamic
  • Relatable
  • Down to earth
  • Honest
  • Confronting
  • Enthusiastic
  • Entertaining
  • Energetic
  • Practical
  • Real

What would YOU like Tom to focus on in his talks?

Tom's two key areas are business success and personal development. He creates tailored presentations that can focus on either or combine the two. All his presentations are entertaining and inspire audiences to think clearly about their future and put in place the practical steps required to achieve their success.

What do audiences take-away from his presentations?

If your aim is to get your audience to think differently and change their behaviours, then Tom is the speaker to do this. Audience members will never forget him, and his messages will be remembered long after the event.

Typical areas covered:

  • Understanding the importance of having a clear focus and direction
  • Leadership - If you are put in charge, take charge!
  • The power of sharing knowledge and ideas
  • Customer service - Are you really taking care of them?
  • Feeling comfortable with change and getting outside your comfort zone
  • Marketing - deceptively simple strategies and ideas 
  • Creating clear communication channels
  • Investing in your 'self' and creating a continual improvement mindset
  • The secrets of the Beechworth Bakery success, including innovative business  processes and practices around culture and marketing.

In fact, Tom is so popular as a speaker that many organisations and companies get him back time and again, saying they need 'another dose of Tom O'Toole'.


Tom was highly energetic and engaged the audience from the moment he opened his mouth. His messages are simple, yet they resonate and are relevant to all in a customer service industry.
- National Australia Bank

I spoke to several of our Hoteliers after the presentation and Tom got they all thought he was fantastic because they could all relate to some of the management pit falls that they had fallen into and felt Tom was humorous and inspirational in getting the message across how they could improve their businesses.
- Liquor Marketing Group

Tom's message was perfect; it was like we had scripted him. Perfect speaker for any franchise group.
- Nandos

Information was excellent. Had the audience attention at all times. Tom went the extra mile to ensure the information he was providing fitted with our requirements for the day. Thanks Tom, an amazing job.
- The Country Care Group

Tom delivered an outstanding session with passion, conviction and a number of key messages, all built around a huge number of photo’s that told his life story of the success of Beechworth Bakeries. Thanks Tom!
- GPL Network

Tom spoke at a recent quarterly business club meeting which we conduct called 'The School of Hard Knocks for Stressed Business People and Reluctant Entrepreneurs'. His presentation was lively and engaging, delivered with a lot of heart and soul, as well as good humour. He imparted a tremendous sense of passion for his business, fuelled by real entrepreneurial spirit. His total commitment to people, both team members and customers, really impressed. As a result, Tom inspired all of us to great heights in business and in life. I highly recommend him as a keynote speaker for any business function.
- Sharrock Pitman Legal

Tom O'Toole speaker

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