"Inspiration, Change and Cutting Through To Your Customers"

Tom is one of Australia's most outstanding retailers, entrepreneurs and inspirational leaders and his straightforward, no nonsense approach endears audiences to be inspired to change and cut through the clutter to achieve higher results at all levels. 

Tom Potter founded Australian owned Eagle Boys Pizza, left school at 15 and found himself jobless at 23.  He opened his
first pizza shop in Albury, New South Wales in 1987 and proceeded to build the business to become Australia and New Zealand's  largest privately owned pizza company. 

Tom is a country boy, starting his business with a minimal education and very little money behind him.  Tom built Eagle Boys
to become one of Australia's home-grown retail and franchise successes, through radical change, innovation and at times
unusual business and marketing tactics.  Along the way, Eagle Boys won various National Franchising Awards and Tom was
awarded with the Australian Financial Review's Young Business Person of the Year.  He was chosen to give the valedictorian
speech at his graduation class at Harvard Business School. 

As a speaker, Tom can reveal his trail of trials, tribulations and triumphs at your next luncheon, conference, workshop or
after-dinner occasion and will tailor his speech to the required audience.


Tom Potter was excellent, great take away value.

Tom Potter speaker

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Tom Potter
Tom Potter

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