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Tomer Garzberg

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Australia - QLD

Tomer Garzberg, founder of his own digital media company was born into a world of change, where others feared and rejected this change, Tomer embraced it from day one. Ever since his first introduction to the world of the internet at an early age, Tomer was hooked. Delighted at the prospect of communicating with anyone, Tomer started experimenting with email and instant messaging to get his point across.

As if by some miraculous force, the internet kept evolving to encapsulate all that burning desire within Tomer. Seeing the trend with Search Engine Optimisation, and feeling that the industry was letting down those that demanded it, Tomer set out to provide a complete online marketing solution he dubbed 'Internet Capitalisation. Social Media, Online Consumerism and Internet Commercialism now consumes his life, as he strives to negotiate his way through the plethora of web offerings available.

With original roots in Search Engine Optimisation, Strongman Digital Media and Tomer Garzberg saw an opportunity to provide accelerated marketing services here in Australia. Forming partnerships with a variety of international online marketing companies, Strongman Digital Media entered the world of shared resource pooling and an extremely large knowledge-base.

Through his digital media company, Australians are able to benefit from extremely powerful and detailed services, offered by no other company.

"Social Media used to be for pimply teenagers: 16-year-old attention-obsessed girls and pubescent boys... As these procrastination tools gained popularity, its implementation spread virally, and now 2 billion people use the net to waste time, voice their opinions, and connect with others. How times have changed." - Tomer Garzberg, Australia's leading Keynote Social Media Speaker




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