Toni Powell

Australia - QLD

Renowned for her hilarious story-based talks, Toni is one of the most recognised relationship and wellbeing speakers in Australia.

Her many happy clients include BHP, Westpac, Allianz, Australia Post, CPA and Border Force as well as education institutes such as Geelong Grammar and Monash Uni.

Toni’s engaging keynotes always deliver simple practical takeaways that help audiences reduce stress, improve relationships as well as become happier and more productive. She’s won awards for both thought leadership and filmmaking, is the author of two books and her Goalcast talk has over 15 million views. In 2006 she was the subject of a heartwarming episode of ABC’s Australian Story.

Speaking topics

The Yellow Car

Drive Away Stress Instantly

Late one night in a quiet suburban street, Toni Powell had a major life epiphany. She observed a young couple engaging in a comical altercation with a little yellow car, leading her to a revelation about stress management. In this very funny and captivating presentation, Toni shares a fresh perspective on stress. Her whimsical approach will help the audience transform stress, fear and anxiety from problems into a source of humour and resilience.

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • Dramatically reduce worry and stress in daily life.
  • Change perspective on challenging situations instantly
  • Learn to identify solutions more effortlessly.
  • More optimistic outlook
  • How to focus on the positives

Audience: Teams, Management, C-suite, Associations, Leadership

Excuses, Excuses, Blame, Blame

Improve Relationships with Everyone You Know

In this eye-opening talk, Toni Powell tells a funny story about a workplace altercation. This disagreement beautifully illustrates why humans prefer to blame others rather than take responsibility themselves. Toni explains how our brains love to deceive us, especially when it comes to our own role in conflict. This keynote gives the audience insight into why people behave the way they do resulting in increased understanding and compassion for ourselves and others. Bonus: audiences leave with a very big reason to stop all the self-justification and blame.

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • Understand the main assassin of love
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Greater tolerance and empathy toward others
  • Cultivate a willingness to take personal responsibility for one's actions and decisions.

Audience: Teams, Management, C-suite, Associations, Leadership

Unleashing Magic

The Transformative Power of Words

Toni's eye-opening keynote unpacks the surprising influence language has on our emotions, relationships, and overall well-being. She presents compelling research showing how words shape our brain's functioning, revealing the profound impact of specific words on cognition. Toni helps your audience understand and experience the enormous power they have to transform their own experience of life by simply changing their words.

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • Replacing ‘victim thinking’ statements with ‘empowerment thinking’ words.
  • Lighten the load of stress and anxiety
  • Power to instantly improve mood, productivity, health and wellbeing
  • Reduced desire to partake in whining or complaining
  • Improved relationships

Audience: Teams, Management, C-suite, Associations, Leadership


The business outcome? Well, extraordinary!
Vice President Coal - BHP

Toni held the room from start to finish, had us in stitches, had us in tears and most importantly had us thinking about ourselves, each other and what’s truly important in life.
Head of Marketing, Sales and Communications - Busy Bees Australia

Toni was so engaging, funny and open. People really related to her, we had fabulous feedback from the attendees
Principal HR Partner - Aurizon

Excellent, Inspired, loved it. Exactly the wake up call I need as a husband and father and corporate leader.
Head of HR - BHP

Toni’s talks have huge, long-term impact. Around 50% of my team were still relating differently a year after she presented at our leaders event.
Head of Commercial (Sunshine Coast)- Westpac

Toni is one of those rare speakers who can convey complex ideas from science, neuroscience and psychology to a general audience, she's a superb storyteller, illustrating key concepts in an entertaining and memorable way that makes the learning stick.
Executive Director, Happiness & Its Causes

We were thrilled with our decision to invite Toni Powell as our guest speaker. Our clients described Toni as excellent, brilliant, engaging and with messages both relevant and important. Our clients took away profound new perspectives.
ExecutiveLink Manager, RCS

Toni has the unique ability to connect with people of all levels and combines examples, humour and high energy to convey her message, while consistently receives outstanding feedback from delegates who attend her sessions.
Conference Director - CPA Conferences

The women were absolutely enamored by her. Her wit, charm, and ability to inspire left an indelible mark on all of us. We were all deeply moved by her personal anecdote about the little yellow car, and she equipped us with invaluable strategies to navigate the challenges of stress and anxiety in our everyday business lives.
President - Women in Pest Management

Completely infectious, inspiring and motivating. I loved every moment. Thank you.
Lead Organisational Capability - BHP

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Speaker Video

The Yellow Car | Keynote Reel | Toni Powell

The Yellow Car | Keynote Reel | Toni Powell

Speaker snippets | Toni Powell

Speaker snippets | Toni Powell

TEDxNoosa 2013 | Toni Powell

TEDxNoosa 2013 | Toni Powell

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