Tony Cosentino

Tony Cosentino has worked in Australia, Europe and South America. After getting an education in Computer Sciences he worked in the IT industry for fourteen years.

Through being a Solutions Architect for the Web for 17 years, he developed fine-tuned vision which allowed him to plan and predict adequate outcomes. He understands the challenges of meeting tight deadlines while trying to maintain personal balance in your life. Currently he coaches business entrepreneurs and health professionals.

Tony is a certified Strategic Interventionist and Peak Performance Coach who trained with Anthony Robbins. He is also a certified Health and Wellness Coach. He is passionate about helping people and has also done youth counseling in Australia, Mexico and Ecuador.



If you have a performance based team, then this is an opportunity to experience a rapid increase in productivity. Tony will take their goals, dreams, and projects and turn them into their day to day reality! Tony reveals the secrets of the world’s most productive people, and brings it to your team


If your executive team want to amplify their impact through workshops and boardroom presentations, then this is an opportunity to get world-class speaker training. Tony has been coaching TEDx speakers to give a memorable, highly impactful speeches in 18 minutes, with no notes! With 20 years public speaking experience, Tony can truly share valuable insights to move your audience to action.


Go beyond "management" training, and teach your team to become the next leaders! Tony share 6 valuable steps that will help each employee to step up and exercise leadership, personally, and professionally. The perfect blend of mindset, productivity, leadership and emotional mastery are presented.

"Tony has genuine intelligence and I think the material covered is so relevant to your life, both personally and professionally"
- David Lin, Director, Strata Consultants Australia

"I would definitely recommend this presentation to any workforce. What I really like about this presentation is its diversity of applications. Most courses are generally focused at upper Management, whereas the 6 –Step-Rocket-Booster presentation incorporates every member of an organisation from management right down to an apprentice!"
- Jessie Valentini, Entrepreneur

"I would recommend this presentation to the Australian workforce as I believe the 6 steps in the Rocket-Booster presentation are aspects of life most people are struggling with and some aren’t even aware that these elements are reoccurring issues. The seminar is very inspiring, motivational and its really reassuring that things can turn around in a heartbeat!"
- Daniel Calleja, Director, Visual Production Agency

"What I loved was the structure you have to management and leadership. I'm definitely going to bring back to my workplace and implement it!"
- Harvey Bowlt, Senior Associate, Hicks Oakley Chessell Williams Lawyers & Notary

"Tony used a variety of techniques that helped me gain laser focus, crush any doubts and produce outstanding results. I highly recommend Tony to anyone who demands the very best from themselves."
- B. Amin, MBBS(Hons), Metropolitan Trauma Hospital

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