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Australia - NSW

When it comes to business, Tony Eades has built a few of his own and helped thousands of others build theirs. From the pitfalls of starting a new business to the opportunities of growing an established brand, Tony brings a wealth of insights, intelligence, experience and innovation to business.

Tony’s experience includes developing a unique, award-winning online business marketing platform, securing $500K of venture capital investment, expanding a small Perth business to the east coast and creating a global start-up in less than 12 months. He has worked with iconic brands like Qantas, Unilever, IBM, SGIO, Maggie Beer, Kidsafe, Australian College of Nursing and Energy Australia.

In 2009 BrandManager won the Sydney Hills Business In Excellence Award for Innovation, in 2010 became the Marketing Support Partner for the Sydney Hills Business Chamber and were finalists in 2012 for the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence. Tony currently works with SME’s, fast growing family businesses and corporate brands from Australia and New Zealand, China, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Ireland and the UK – helping them achieve their market potential through effective brand marketing. As an accomplished TV and radio presenter he is currently featured on Kochie’s Business Builders national business TV series, producing a TV series for SKY Business called ‘Behind The Brand’, developing a business reality show called ‘The Suits’ and about to release his first book, ‘How to start a business in two weeks’.

Tony and his team are the leading advisors of inbound marketing strategy in Australia. With 25 years of business experience, in-depth knowledge of branding, marketing trends and technology here and in the US, and with multiple media appearances and keynote addresses, Tony is a highly sought-after marketing expert from SME to corporate brand strategy.


  • Australia’s leading strategist in inbound marketing
  • Business consultant on ‘why’ brand strategy
  • Professional keynote speaker to business audiences worldwide

Experience – Conference MC

Tony has hosted, MC’d and Chaired a number of conferences across Australia. His skillset to adapt to a wide range of audiences has enabled him to work in diverse industries from medical to finance, marketing to manufacturing and business to not for profit and charities. These include:

  • Chair and MC for MPA High Performance Business Summit, Sydney 2016
  • Chair of the Sydney Hills Business Chamber
  • MC/Host of Small Business Summit for Western Sydney (2014/2015)
  • MC/Host of the ‘Corporate Cook Off’ for Woolworths (2012-2014)
  • Conference MC for the National CTA (Community Transport Association) Conference (2015)

As an MC, keynote presenter and facilitator, Tony is a member of National Speakers of Australia and regularly hosts corporate events from 70 to 7000 attendees.
Build a Brand, not just a Business!

About the session

Learn how to create and build your effective personal brand and your business brand – like Richard Branson and his Virgin Empire, each brand should share the same values yet work as well independently. Discover how to create a meaningful and measurable USP
(your unique selling proposition) and then how to carry that through to a powerful marketing strategy.

3 key benefits to walk away with

  1. Personal branding v business branding, what’s the difference?
  2. Shared Values – discover your ‘why’ and build a business around it
  3. Buyer Personas – understanding your target market intimately 
  4. Name it and own it – how to create the right name for your brand
  5. How to effectively communicate your brand in a digital market place
  6. Context – Social/Local/Mobile, we’re all mobile mad! 
  7. By 2017 85% of the world will have mobile coverage, how mobile is your brand?
  8. Discover the key to having a ‘responsive’ brand
  9. Own your space in the market place with targeted and relevant content
  10. Content - Your buyer’s journey has changed, consumers are 5x more dependent on content than they were 5 years ago.
  11. Learn the importance of content and how to build an effective content marketing strategy with Inbound Marketin
  12. Social – how to build your brand on social and get real interaction
  13. Blogging - Content Marketing Institute recently reported that 80% of business decision-makers prefer to get your information in a series of articles versus in an advertisement – get a crash course on how to blog effectively 

Tony’s Keynote Workshops

  • Cracking The Code to Business Growth – unlocking the secret to lead generation and customer acquisition
  • The ‘Why Workshop’ – discover and craft the ‘why’ of your organisation
  • The Art and Science of Marketing – getting creative with real-time data!
  • Make Love not Spam – a crash course on effective content marketing
  • Transforming marketing with automation – Deep dive into HubSpot, one SAS platform that does it all!
  • The Inbound Marketing Revolution – why old school marketing doesn’t cut it anymore!
  • Alphas, Automation and AI – welcome to the future, and it’s happening now!
  • Start a business in two weeks – the accompanying workshop to Tony’s first book
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