Tony Latimer

Tony Latimer, Asia's Sales Coach. Tony is a veteran of 30 years in International Sales and Business Development in Asia, Scandinavia and Europe. He has spent over 17 years in Asia and uses this experience in his research and development. He provides coach-centric learning approaches developed In Asia, For Asia.

As a Professional Coach, Tony leverages his experience to help Sales Leaders and their teams achieve astonishing results. Tony's approach to coaching has an emphasis on results, but incorporates the understanding of the individual's personal context. He has a powerful ability to help his clients identify and remove the self-limiting beliefs that can be holding them back.

Tony has developed a cohesive series of programmes which combine to tranform sales performance and ensure ongoing improvement. All workshops are delivered in a unique coached format utilising accelerated learning principles to enable learning at multiple levels.

Tony regularly publishes articles on people development in the Regional Press and HRD Magazines and Websites. His special interest is in Research and Development into the application of Professional Coaching principles in the Asian workplace. A believer in coaching being applicable throughout the company, his organisational change programmes have implemented coaching cultures from the boardroom down to shop floor level with spectacular results.


As an HR Consultancy we have been through many of the big name sales methodologies, Your work is in a completely different league!
- GM Learning Technologies, DDI Indonesia

I have gone from closing one or two deals a month to six plus! Customers are more friendly and not so price sensitive. Tony Latimer's ideas on selling really work!
- Hua Yang Group, Singapore,

The whole sales team made their targets last year after Tony Latimer's Sales Coaching ' Training Programme
- Sales Manager - Jardine C'C

I choose how much I sell each month since Tony helped me overcome my fears.
- Jardine C'C, Singapore

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