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What happens when your life goes from fact to fiction overnight? Sadly, Tracy Hall learned the answer to that question when she swiped right on ‘Max Tavita’ in early 2016, a Bondi surfer and the chief investment officer of a family office. Initially, Tracy had been drawn to Max’s love of the ocean, running and living a lowkey lifestyle. But after 16 months together, it was his deeply empathetic nature, intelligence and commitment to building a future together that made her trust him with her heart – and her life savings.

What Max’s dating bio didn’t say was that his real name was Hamish McLaren, and that he was a con man in the ranks of people like Elizabeth Holmes, Bernie Madoff and Anna Delvey.

Of course, Tracy didn’t know any of this until a fateful day in July 2017, when she watched news footage of the man she loved getting led away in handcuffs in front of his Bondi Beach apartment.

Shocked and confused, Tracy never thought something like this could happen to her. After all, she was a whip-smart, successful single mum who prided herself on her intuition. However, Tracy was a vulnerable divorce and Hamish was a master manipulator. He couldn't have picked a better target.

In the weeks, months and years following Hamish's arrest, Tracy learned that the man who held her at night wasn't just plotting to steal her life savings. He had also spent the last three decades conning victims out of $70 million-plus dollars across the US, Canada, London, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Sydney.
In 2019, Hamish's lies landed him in prison, and his story was exposed in the hit podcast, Who the Hell is Hamish? And now, Hamish McLaren's famous last victim is ready to share her story.

Tracy Hall is an author, keynote speaker and senior marketing executive. Over the last 25 years, Tracy has had extensive exposure to start-ups, large corporations and global tech brands including Virgin Mobile, eBay, GoDaddy and Afterpay. She frequently consults for smaller companies, volunteers as a teen mentor for The Raise Foundation and is a Board Director for the Men's Mental Health Charity - Mongrels Men.

In 2019, Tracy became known as Hamish McLaren's famous '˜last victim' thanks to her role in The Australian's hit podcast, Who the Hell is Hamish? Today, Tracy writes and speaks publicly about intimate fraud, scams, financial empowerment, victim mindsets, resilience and our need to rethink how we trust.

Speaking topics

The $3.1b Industry We Need To Be Talking About

This keynote will explore in depth the devastating impact of scams and fraud both financially and emotionally on victims, the shame and secrecy around losing money and how to reduce financial vulnerability by educating and empowering people through financial literacy, scam education and vigilance. By building awareness, organisations can reduce risks and protect their brand (and hearts) with financially vigilant and resilient teams.

Rethinking Society’s Invisible Contracts Of Trust

Trust forms the bedrock of our relationships and influences our interactions on various levels - most of which are subconscious and fueled by cognitive biases.

Join us as we unravel the layers of trust, vulnerability, and stepping out of the victim identity, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to foster trusting relationships, embrace vulnerability, and cultivate resilience in all aspects of life.

Red Flags, Relationships & Rebuilding

Come along on a journey of highs, lows, love and loss as we explore the devastating financial and emotional effects of intimate fraud, the red, green (and beige) flags as well as how to rebuild an even better life in the wake of deep betrayal. Tracy explores the concept of vulnerability following major life events and how to protect yourself and others during these times. Ultimately, this is a story of hope and resilience with the audience left feeling inspired, boldly curious and empowered.


Not only does Tracy have a compelling story but the team came out of the session empowered to have financial conversations, understand their own financial position & take ownership. Many had not had these critical conversations before.”
- Brand Manager Brown-Forman

Tracy is a vibrant presence, who speaks from the heart and has strong, powerful messages that create positive change. She educated us on how to help others who have fallen victim to scams and how to support and check in on those who may be more vulnerable
- Head Of Jack Daniel’s Brand

It is a conversation I will always remember. Here was a lady who had experienced the lowest of lows and yet her inner beauty, incredible advice and her unwilling kindness made our conversation that impacted everyone that tuned in.
- Founder & CEO Cuppa.TV

If you need a speaker to inspire and captivate your audience, Tracy is your woman.
- Founder & CEO The Marketing Academy

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