"The Man Who Would Not Be Defeated"
Challenge. We all face challenges of varying degrees every day, whether its professional or personal, large or small, immediate or over time. And change - some invited, some unasked for - is our biggest challenge.

The title of W Mitchell's newest book is also his philosophy on life - 'IT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU, ...IT'S WHAT YOU DO ABOUT IT'. This expert on taking responsibility for change shows his audiences not only how to gain perspective, but also how to cope, and even better, to prosper with personal and professional change.

W Mitchell knows about challenge, change and courage - all first hand. He speaks to you about the battles and the victories of life. From co-founding metal castings company that put thousands to work. From his election as mayor and congressional nominee. From a fiery motorcycle accident that left him burned over 65% of his body, and from the airplane crash that took away his ability to walk, Mitchell now soars above the rest with grace, good humour and gumption.

Mitchell speaks with passion about the human spirit. He focuses on the positives of change - taking responsibility - and the proven result - himself. "Before I was paralysed there were 10,000 things 1 could do; now there are 9,000. I can either dwell on the 1,000 I've lost or focus on the 9,000 I have left."

His personal story is of life's challenges in the world of business, politics and day to day living, of a new understanding of your inner strengths and abilities. Through his speeches, books, tapes, and television appearances Mitchell has enthralled over 60 million people worldwide.

Are you asking how 'mental wheelchairs' are holding back your organisation?

Listen to this powerful story. Across the globe, from the Indian Ocean to Indiana, from Presidents to Parliaments and from non-profits to multi- national giants, audiences herald his thought-provoking words about perseverance and becoming more than just a survivor. He delivers from the heart, with warmth, wit and wisdom. You'll hear an unforgettable speaker with an invaluable message.



Mitchell's impact has been extraordinary. The following day we were all talking about his message and more importantly, NOW... over three months since his presentation--we are still responding. He helped remind us that attitude and great performance have a direct correlation.
- Vice President Marketing, US West

On a pragmatic note, I appreciate the fact that you make it so easy to work with you. Frankly, I just don't do business with speakers who expect to be treated like rock stars.s You not only have a lot to say, your personal character and conduct underscores your message. It was a pleasure working with you.
- LMSW, Director of Education, Texas Health Care Association

The audience was deeply impressed by your story of triumph over tragedy. Although they don't know it, they were also impressed by the skill of a master speaker who knows an audience before he even meets them, then reads them perfectly so that even the silences have meaning.
- CMP, Director of Education, Illinois Health Care Association

Your ability to connect with an audience, who quickly become your friends, is remarkable. Your presentation skills, timing and style are superb. NASA sees a lot of briefings, and yours ranks in the 'best of the best'
- Director, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

Words seem inadequate when it comes to expressing the profound impact your remarks had on the attendees of our meeting. Motivating a sales force is hard work. We give them compensation, incentives, tools and programs, but sales people need so much more. You reminded us clearly that we can make choices.
- Kimberly Clark

In the 'seminar business' we have to work with a lot of 'egos' and difficult people. Despite his considerable physical handicaps, Mitchell was one of the nicest people we've ever worked with.
- DDS, CEO, Excellence In Dentistry, Inc

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W Mitchell

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