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Wade Jackson is an internationally recognized peak performance strategist who specializes in human development and business in action – helping you do it better, faster, leaner. A master educator, his teaching style is engaging, practical, human and powerful. World leading management thinkers such as Stephen Covey and Edward de Bono praise his work.

Wade is a dynamic presenter who has a unique combination of inspirational messages, practical tools and a high energy and humorous delivery that gets his audience awake and on purpose.

An expert in Leadership, Peak Performance and Well-being Wade is the author of two critically acclaimed books 'Stories at Work’​ and 'JOLT Challenge' and co-creator of the JOLT system, the Self Intelligence experience, which has been used by thousands of people in half a dozen countries and growing globally rapidly.  

Wade holds postgraduate qualifications in both Drama and Health Science and brings academic robustness to everything he does. While trained in many disciplines, from mind-body health, to martial arts to improv comedy, his expertise lies in his ability to identify and develop the potential and latent power in those he works with at an individual, team and organizational level. 

A successful entrepreneur himself, Wade synthesizes a wealth of expertise and is able to tailor his presentations to suit any audience. He travels the world helping people to ignite their spark and live their purpose.

In engaging presentations Wade can cover:

  • How leaders can win the hearts and minds of their people and customers through the power of storytelling
  • How to raise engagement and productivity by bringing the organization’s Vision and Values to life
  • How to build resilience and mental strength for success by achieving a peak performance lifestyle and living more mindfully
  • How to increase collaboration and creativity within teams by breaking down silos and enhancing trust]
  • How to transform yourself through bringing more play into your life


Personal Mastery

Living your purpose

  • The science for improving productivity
  • Personal branding and leadership
  • Time mastery and prioritization 
  • Personal and professional goal setting
  • Resilience & Well-being

Mindfulness in action

  • Building the mental skills for success
  • Improving your EQ and change agility
  • The 5 factors for optimum health and happiness
  • Work/life balance for the 21st Century

Organizational Storytelling

  • Embedding the organization’s vision, values and strategy
  • How influence and inspire through the power of story
  • The 5 stories every leader needs to be telling
  • Improving your presence at the front of the room
  • Speaking from the heart, not from the notes
  • Creativity & Collaboration

A.D.A.P.T – the 5 keys to disruptive thinking

  • Think again! – boosting creativity
  • Maximizing thought diversity
  • Developing collaboration

Impact coaching – empowering others

  • Transformative Play
  • Evolve consciousness through play
  • Bring more fun and laughter into your life
  • Improving spontaneity, releasing the inner child
  • Connect deeper - being present with others 
  • Letting go of the past - reinvent yourself


If you are looking for a presenter with passion and fun, while delivering a serious message, then Wade would be my choice.
- Tony Falkenstein, CEO, Just Water International

Wade Jackson is an outstanding presenter. He has relevant, fresh, interesting thinking that speaks to the zeitgeist and supports this with great, compelling research and sound thinking. I have seen only a few people, in my 30 year career, who can energise, entertain, inform and illuminate very busy groups of people in the way that Wade can.
- Chris Till, CEO, Human Resources Institute of New Zealand

Wade is one of the most energetic and dynamic speakers I have worked with. He has an uncanny capacity to use his humour in both a moving and poignant way whilst also just being funny. He connects well with his audience and his funny demeanour belies his perceptive insight. He has the capacity to quickly call in clear but meaningful psychological models that create insight and power. Wade has the capacity to subtly remove the veneer and protection that can sometimes stop people being vulnerable enough to really learn. I am yet to be involved with a group that has not loved Wade, its hard not to! I can strongly recommend Wade as a speaker across a broad range of audiences especially in a business setting.
- JOHN WOOD | Leadership Solutions Global

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Wade Jackson Showreel

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