Warren Evans

Warren's corporate career roots are in sales and marketing management. From the late '70's into the early 90's he built a boutique consulting firm, The Service Excellence® Group Inc., that made its name doing strategy work and change-implementation projects based on their highly respected Service Management models.

Since then he has worked as an independent, focusing on the trends analysis and strategic planning components that were always part of these initiatives.

His trends work revolves around looking at how the major trends are interacting with each other, in an effort to determine how they are most likely to actually play out. Often running against conventional wisdom, this 'trends blending' approach has allowed him to correctly call everything from corporate priorities and stock market swings, to real estate values and election results. Warren has conducted executive level strategy sessions for clients from every size and sector (including national economic development entities), and covers 15 countries on 6 continents. His client list includes such diverse organisations as American Express, Canada Trust, Fisher Price, 3M, TransAmerica, and the United States Space Foundation.

Warren is the only Canadian to have been awarded the highest level earned designations in both the training industry and the speaking business. He holds membership in the Canadian Speakers Association, the International Federation for Professional Speakers and the Society for Training and Development (and has been involved at the executive level nationally and internationally for all), and Mensa.

He is recognised as one of North America's leading authorities on our emerging high-tech, service-centric economy since the mid-80's, doing majority of his work in the U.S.

Warren was the only foreigner invited to keynote American Institute of CPA's national event...twice; and only speaker invited back to MHC's of America's CEO's conference...3 times.

He has been invited to address audiences in 10 countries on 4 continents, and is regularly quoted in the media as a trends analyst and business strategist.

As a presenter, Warren has a reputation for being thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time. He brings to the platform a unique combination of in-depth expertise and powerful delivery skills.

The Service Excellence® Group has a projects division that gets involved in helping client organisations actually implement change initiatives over long periods of time. This allows Warren to deliver insights and tactics that go far beyond academic theorising. They are field proven from years of hands-on, in-the-trenches experience with real people.

Over the years he has demonstrated a knack for being able to take high-level strategies and concepts, and translate them into nuts and bolts tactics that people at all levels of an organisation can put into action.

Feedback consistently describes Warren as provocative, stimulating, practical, and thoroughly enjoyable. A very high-impact experience for any management team.


One of our highest rated speakers ever . . . out of over 400!,
- American Institute of CPA's National Convention ,

Your visit was a resounding success. The morning presentation inspired new insights and specific ideas to apply to our day-to-day operations. The afternoon session with the key staff was 'just what the doctor ordered'.
- Executive Director - United States Space Foundation

Wonderful combination of facts, insights, and humor obviously resonated . . . amazed at the ground covered, from high-level global trends to specific implications for us. Excellent.
- President - National Council of Behavioral Healthcare,

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