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Most business people do not understand the Game of Negotiating. As a consequence they become "Shark Bait" in even the most basic negotiating situation, against even the most poorly skilled negotiator.

This lack of skill costs them $1,000's every year and they don't even realise it! The skills of successful negotiating are vital and they are not the same as selling skills.

This TOP GUN Experiential Workshop uses leading edge technology including Neurolinguistic Programming and Accelerated Learning to teach the practical skills you need to succeed as a confident negotiator. You'll discover...

  • Why Negotiating is a Game

  • The Tactics and Rules for Negotiating

  • How to Handle The Price Buyer

  • What To Do When They "Nibble" You

  • What To Do If You're Backed Into A Corner

  • The 8 Principles For Successful Negotiations

  • The 7 Key Opening Negotiating Gambits

  • The 6 Elements of Personal Power

  • The 6 Key Middle Negotiating Gambits

  • The 3 Stages of Every Negotiation

  • The Importance of Attitude in Negotiating

  • How To Deal With Reluctant Buyers or Sellers

  • How To Deal With Arguments and Attacks

  • How to Ask For and Get What You Want

  • How To Create Win/Win Outcomes

  • How To Deal With Difficult People

  • How To Make An Offer or Receive An Offer

  • How To Plan Strategies For Every negotiation

  • How To Deal With Smart Sellers

  • 4 Key Closing Negotiating Gambits

  • How To Deal With The 4 Major Personalities

  • How To Control Your Emotions

  • How To Get More Than You Expected

  • When To "Walk Out" and When To "Hang In"

  • When To Say "No" Without Losing The Deal

  • When To "Sit On The Fence" And Wait

  • How To Read Their "Body Language"

  • What To Do In "Impossible Situations"

  • How To Deal With Confrontation

  • Dealing With The "Soviet Style" Negotiator

  • How To Make Negotiating Fun

  • How To Avoid Becoming "Shark-Bait"


Everyday, you're negotiating something and most days you're negotiating on a number of different fronts.

You could be buying or selling, persuading or collaborating. You could be buying or selling, persuading or collaborating. You could be acting personally or professionally, with an internal or external group, in the public or private sector. You could be on the phone or face-to-face, in a board meeting or head to head. You might even be negotiating time or quality. Most people never have an hour go by without negotiating something.

Have you ever wondered how some people always get their way? You'll find out at this real-life, real-world TOP GUN Workshop. Here are some of the situations in which you'll become a "Master Negotiator" after this workshop:

  • Buying or leasing equipment

  • With your children

  • During team meetings

  • Anytime you want something different to what the other party is offering.

  • Over budgets

  • Selling your services

  • When writing a proposal

Working with a team you'll put these skills into "real life" practice. TOP GUN Negotiator applies the same unique principles of excellence which have made all of the other TOP GUN Programmes so successful


Most people in our culture have never been "taught" how to negotiate. Yet everyday, in both our personal and professional lives we are involved in countless negotiations. The reality is that most people don't even recognise these negotiations, and in many cases they are taken advantage, time and time again.

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