Xiao-Hua Shen

Xiao-Hua Shen
Global Diversity Expert
China is now offering us a world of opportunities. At the same time, it presents us with loads of challenges. As widely acknowledged nowadays, cultural differences are among the most severe challenges in doing business in China. Many experiences confirm that unless fully prepared and equipped to undertake these cultural challenges, you can not succeed there no matter how sound and enticing your business plans are.
  • Have gained an in-depth understanding of the general theoretical cultural considerations of doing business in China
  • Learn specific aspects concerning successful business operations in China.
  • Apply practical guidelines to meet confidently and overcome effectively the major cultural challenges
  • Have had an exciting opportunity to share with the speaker from China your experience and questions.

  • Highlights
    Following cultural issues in doing business in China:
  • Understanding the Business Culture in China
  • "Essential Principles" You Must Know
  • Knowing the Differences between Yourself and the Chinese
  • "Cultural Competence" You Must Have
  • Meeting the Cultural Challenges in Doing Business in China
  • The Government You Need to Deal With
  • The Business Considerations You Need to Include
  • The General Public You Need to be Familiar With
  • The Management Issues You Need to Cover
  • The Employees You Need to Learn About
  • The Customers You Need to Know About

  • Ms. Xiao-Hua Shen is an expert trainer and consultant. She is a Chinese American who grew up in China, but lived in Europe and the USA for nearly 20 years. In the past two decades, Ms. Shen has provided consulting and training services in the areas of cross-cultural communication, language and business communications to many prestigious companies and organizations which include: Microsoft, Mercer, Inc., BMMTEC Group Holdings Ltd., Motorola, Lenovo, British Embassy, Time Warner, AmCham, Danish Chamber of Commerce, Lloyds of London, AT&T, GTE, Thomson Group, 3M, Chanel, DiversityBusiness.com., London University, Exeter University of England, The Management Forum in England, British Foreign Office, UNESCO and the World Bank.

    Xiao-Hua Shen is a frequent speaker at conferences held in many parts of the world. She also designs and hosts TV and satellite programs on cross-cultural related issues for media companies.

    In late 1980s, Ms. Shen was an independent trainer and consultant in London. Among her achievements then were Lloyds of London, whose senior management was prepared by Ms. Shen for a meeting with the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, and the British Foreign Office, whose diplomats was taught about Chinese language and culture by Ms. Shen to get ready for negotiation with China over the future of Hong Kong.
    In 1990s, Xiao-Hua Shen held various management positions in public relations, publishing, training and consulting in a number of US companies and organizations including Columbia University, Columbia Press and Time Warner. Before she founded WayStone, Ltd. in 2003, she was an Acting Education Officer, Program Officer and International Consultant respectively with UNESCO's Cluster Office for North Korea, Japan, Mongolia, China and South Korea. She also worked as an international advisor for the World Bank.
    Xiao-Hua Shen holds both an MA from Exeter University, UK and a Master of Education from Columbia University. She is a doctorial candidate with Columbia University. She was among the first group of university scholarship students sent by the Chinese Government to study in the UK

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