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Xisu Wang

On Application

Dr Xisu Wang is a remarkable man who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about China to western countries. He lived his early life under the shadow of Chairman Mao and Communist China. As a young man he realised that China was slowly opening up to the west and left his position as Associate Professor and Dean of Nanjing University and became the first student from mainland China to complete post graduate studies in America, including a fellowship at Harvard University followed by an MBA at MIT. Returning to China in the early 90s, he worked with the first western companies to establish businesses in China, including EDS, Unilever and Caradon Electric, which provided him with rare insights into the new and unique challenges involved in forming Sino-US joint ventures. It's very rare to meet such a personable and knowledgeable individual who has lived through communism and the cultural revolution, studied political, social, economical, and cultural reform in China, experienced western democracy in the US and Hong Kong, and witnessed China's transition from a socialist planned economy to a free market economy. Now based in Beijing and still consulting to foreign companies doing business in China, Xisu provides insightful commentary on socioeconomic and geo-political issues in China.


What are the drivers of China's economic growth?
Is the growth sustainable? why is that?
What are the country's prospects in 5, 10 and 10 years time?
Why are there so many problems and how are they handled in China?
What are the general trend of economic development that I foresee for the next decade?
What are the challenges that China faces immediately and in the medium and long term?

Business culture in China;
Where to find the right people, true leaders, for my company;
How to handle guanxi, or relationships, with local government and  stakeholders;
How to build multi-culture management teams? How to engage local employees? 
What do local employees expect from a western company? 
In what way is doing business in China different from in the west?
Success and failure stories of foreign investment in China.


We have been operating in China for over 10 years. Rarely, if ever, have we had the opportunity to work with someone of Xisu's capability. His understanding of the organisational and people challenges and opportunities is outstanding. Most importantly, he is able to deliver this experience in an engaging and articulate manner, and equally well in English or Chinese. Our team found the experience very rewarding. We will certainly be working with him again and are planning to expose more of our managers (both Expatriate and Chinese) to his leadership ideas.
- CEO, Sino-Gold Limited

I have not heard such a spellbinding presentation in years.

I have just completed the analysis of the speaker scores and you were comfortably the highest rated of the plenary/keynote speakers.
- Event Director, CIPSA Conferences

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