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Voices of Angels, everything else is wicked.

Two gorgeous sexy divas, fabulous frocks, an accompanist and one of the most original acts in the corporate market - Yummy Opera is the perfect entertainment for your function or event, a wonderful blend of glamour, stunning voices and an hilarious show, unlike any other act in the corporate arena.

During entre, two gorgeous women are mingling and dispensing raffle tickets to the guests. They politely chat, flirt and generally make themselves known to everyone at the event. Later, they take to the stage to draw the prize and announce the winner who gets a trip for two to Spain.

As the evening progresses it becomes perfectly clear that the girls are in fact very talented classical singers who know how to work and charm a crowd. The door prize fades into insignificance as the girls win the hearts of the audience with their warmth and their amazing vocal prowess.

Yummy's hilarious piece de resistance, a performance of Bizet's masterpiece, Carmen, performed in its entirety (less all the boring bits) in 15 minutes concludes the evening (except for the mandatory encore)

The hard-working accompanist provides a sumptuous underscore to the whole event - suitably attired and trying his/her best to control the Divas to little avail.

Yummy Opera offers a comprehensive repertoire that can be tailored to suit the occasion. That's what everyone says, but we can do it, although to be honest we do prefer to stick the songs that we have taken AGES to rehearse.

We can select songs to suit a theme or a special occasion. If required we can write songs specifically to suit a particular event.  The script can also be personalised to include certain people as per the client?s request

Piggeries are out, otherwise pretty much most places - provided we can be seen and heard. If the piggery is new, we will consider it. 


Not an easy crowd with 900 women intent on drinking champagne and chatting, it was extraordinary to see how well 'Yummy Opera' kept the audience's attention.
- Sarah Bernard Event Management

Well done Yummy Opera! To keep 540 people captivated was brilliant. The girl's wit and singing prowess made our night the one that everyone is still raving about - what I am wondering is how did they manage to pick a "winner" that everyone seemed to relate to? This was real laugh out loud entertainment and I will certainly be recommending you for similar functions. Thanks again to the Yummy Crew.
- Event Co-ordinator, Life Education Victoria

Yummy Opera were fantastic. Not only was the singing and accompaniment brilliant but they played the audience wonderfully treading the line of good taste to perfection. Our audience is also highly appreciative of clever humour and Yummy Opera were very clever indeed. I would heartily recommend them for similar functions as they certainly captivated our audience. One person even remarked to me that it made him want to go and see opera.
- Wizard Information Services

Very entertaining, great voices & engaging
- AFL Sportsready

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Yummy Opera - promo

Yummy Opera - promo

Yummy Opera

Yummy Opera

Yummy Opera - Melbourne Showcase 2012

Yummy Opera - Melbourne Showcase 2012

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