Yvonne Hilsz

Yvonne Hilsz is a highly experienced International Trainer and Business Performance Consultant who uses her dynamic personality and laser sharp skill set to bring lasting change to people and businesses around the globe.

Her ability to increase revenue through team coaching and training is well known throughout the business world. Yvonne teaches solution oriented team building and sales training using her highly effective, proven formula. Her ability to motivate others within a management environment is matched only by her talent for performing well under high pressure situations.  In the often stagnant world of corporate training, Yvonne brings light and passion to the topics of sales training and team performance.

Specialising in Talent Dynamics, Sales and Communication with a proven successful track record of coaching others, Yvonne has watched countless business professionals start to exceed by mapping out their goals and using accountability to catapult their productivity and performance.

Presentation Topics:

Ultimate Sales Advantage
Selling impacts every person on this planet. No matter who you are in your business you will at some point have to influence others. Your ability to do so will impact you in a way that will determine the very outcome of your life.  Do you find your self getting bored with pitching the same product? Ever wondered why some days feel like ground hog day? Do you find yourself holding back from closing the sale?  Discover the difference between your inner game and outer game and how when both are applied it becomes the game changer to your success. Yvonne will explain why customers don't want to be sold to, how understanding your customers needs means you will never up-sell again and that hope is not a strategy!

Talent Dynamics - Being in Flow
The problem for most people today is that they focus on their weakness rather than working to their strengths and this causes major stress, low productivity and high turnover - never mind hurting your bottom line!  Solution? It's simple: Yvonne believes everyone has a fundamental right to understand how they can increase trust and flow at work. Individuals, teams and enterprises will only perform to their maximum when they understand flow and how to use it.  Being in flow means you are performing the role you are naturally suited to and enabling flow for others: you are able to leverage effectively and start breaking through the performance barriers.  Talent Dynamics is a unique profiling tool that focusses on an individual's natural talent. Trust, communication and performance accelerate improving profit, productivity and people. Big or little team, the
same principles apply.

Building a Team of Rockstars
Are cowboys chasing your customers out of town? Recognize whether you have cowboys in your business and how to build a team of rockstars. Business as usual is the biggest enemy in business today and to become the leader in your industry having a high performing team of rockstars will separate you from the rest. In this enlightening keynote Yvonne gives you insights to discover the potential in your team, giving you tools and techniques to shift the outcomes of your team's performance. The power of rockstars in your team who multiply sales and service, do more with less and turn lemons into lemonade is essential in today's business world.

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Yvonne Hilsz - Afraid To Close

Yvonne Hilsz - Afraid To Close

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