After Dinner Speakers

Peter Garrett

Peter Garrett is a long-time advocate and campaigner on a range of local and global issues. A member of Midnight Oil, one of Australia’s most successful bands, he served as a cabinet minister in the Rudd/Gillard Labor governments from 2007-13.


Peter Hadfield

Peter Hadfield is a person, like many high achieving Australians, whose achievements have remained largely unnoticed. He has been described as "Australia's greatest all-rounder".
His all-round abilities in athletics are unquestionable. Peter competed in the gruelling decathlon event - 10 athletic events contested over 2 days of competition.

He represented Australia in two Olympic Games ...


Peter Hillary

On the 29th May 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary made the historic first ascent of Mt Everest. To commemorate his father's achievement, Peter Hillary recently climbed to the summit of the world's highest mountain on a National Geographic sponsored expedition. The story of that expedition - and of the intervening years since the first climb in 1953, is retold in National Geographic's big film of the year, S ...


Peter Hughes

Before October 12 2002, Peter Hughes was in many ways an ordinary Australian. Born the youngest of eight children to Irish immigrants, Peter was raised in the working class suburb of Queens Park in Perth. Peter believes a lot of his resilience and inner strength was developed during his childhood years growing up in a tough neighbourhood. Peter Hughes was the man whose swollen and blistered face ...


Peter Jones

"I remember sitting for hours in my father's office leather chair, dreaming of running a multi-million pound business." Peter Jones is proof that drive, passion and sheer determination to succeed no matter the odds is possible! Today, Peter has interests in a wide range of companies and a variety of markets which collectively generate sales of more than 250 million pounds and employ more than 1,00 ...


Peter Kaye

Peter Kaye is one of Australia's most talented and popular performers at leading corporate functions throughout Australia with his unique comedy impersonations of famous entertainers and political figures. In fact, he has been MO Awards winner Australia's Best Variety Entertainer for three years in succession. With the aid of his specially made life-like latex rubber masks, Peter presents some of ...


Peter Russell-Clarke

Peter Russell-Clarke is an icon of the Australian food scene. His name is synonymous with good food and wine yet he is considered a down-to-earth Aussie. He wrote, produced and presented 900 TV shows for 197 of the Australian Government owned national TV stations the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission), 150 for SBS, documentaries for Good Morning Australia and programme segments for The Don L ...


Peter Sterling

Peter Sterling has enjoyed one of Australia's most celebrated careers in Rugby League History. As co-host of Channel Nine's The Footy Show, Peter Sterling has entertained thousands of people with his anecdotes on rugby league and life in general. ...


Peter Williams

Peter Williams is a recognised thought leader and practitioner in Innovation with a particular focus on digital innovation as well as how societal and technology changes will impact the future of industries.


Philip Escoffey

Philip Escoffey AKA The Grey Man, is one of the UK's top psychic illusionist/mind readers. A Psychology graduate, Philip has been earning a living as a mentalist for the last 10 years. A confirmed skeptic, Philip is dismissive of spiritualists, mediums and astrologers. However, he has a deep academic interest in the reasons why people need to believe and is an expert in how techniques like cold ...

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