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Pippa Hallas

Ella Baché is a respected skin care brand revered across the country. You may think you know its story, but there’s so much more to this brand than meets the eye.

It all started with a bold woman, a pot of wax and the decision to stand out in the foyer of David Jones.

Now, for the first time, CEO Pippa Hallas is opening up about the journey behind the brand, the disruptions, the innovations, the mistakes, the risks - and what it really takes to steer an 80 year old business through a rapidly changing world.


Poppy King

Poppy King founded Poppy Industries Pty Ltd at 18 years of age, after recognising a gap in the market for matte lipstick. She sourced manufacturers, secured capital and investment and developed the product with the first range of colours going on sale in Australia in March 1992.
The media took a great deal of interest in both the product and Poppy King the person. Brand awareness grew very qui ...


Rachael Bermingham

Rachael Bermingham is co-author of 'Read My LIPS', the 4 Ingredients Cookbooks and author of the recently launched 'How to Write Your Own Book & Make it a Bestseller'. Rachael is a popular speaker and role model and inspires people throughout Australia, NZ, and the UK with her talks and story on how she went from beyond broke to being one of the countries highest earning authors. Rachael LOVES ...


Rachael Pickworth

Rachael's presentations are a breath of fresh air. Her blend of youthful passion, award winning business success, knowledge beyond her years and her warm and dynamic presentation style, combine to wow audiences and take them on an inspiring journey, whether it is a short keynote presentation or weekend workshop. At the core of Rachael's message: To achieve the impossible dream you must first de ...


Randi Zuckerberg

Randi Zuckerberg is the founder and creative director of R to Z Studios, Inc. As one of the early employees at Facebook, Randi created and ran the social media pioneer's marketing program. She led the company's U.S. election and international politics strategy and created Facebook's livestreaming capability through media partnerships during the Presidential Inauguration. Randi was nominated for an ...


Ray Scicluna

Ray Scicluna works with businesses and their team to get the best outcome! It's not how far he fell, it's how Ray Bounces back that is inspiring and the true meaning of success. Today Ray's businesses include franchising, business consulting, retailing, manufacturing innovations, event management and training and he is passionate about sharing what he has learnt. Ray knows his stuff. Speaking f ...


Raymond Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil has been described as 'the restless genius' by the Wall Street Journal, and 'the ultimate thinking machine' by Forbes. Inc. magazine ranked him #8 among entrepreneurs in the United States, calling him the 'rightful heir to Thomas Edison', and PBS included Ray as one of 16 'revolutionaries who made America'. along with other inventors of the past two centuries. As one of the leading ...


Rhondalynn Korolak

Rhondalynn has a creative and inspiring story that proves that you can BE, DO and HAVE anything you set your mind to. From humble beginnings and despite formidable obstacles, to success as a leader and entrepreneur, Rhondalynn is one of the most dynamic and inspiring speakers on the power of communication, influence and the science of the self-image. Her methodologies are engaging and memorable - ...


Ricardo Concalves

Ricardo Goncalves presents SBS World News Australia is SBS Finance Editor and is the host of Small Business Secrets (Sunday 5pm SBS).

He has covered news globally, filing stories from the Middle-East, LA and New York's Ground Zero.


Richard Branson

The face, spirit, and entrepreneurial mastermind behind Virgin, one of the world's most dynamic brands, Richard Branson is known for his unique vision, competitive style, and showy nature not only in business, but in all aspects of life. A global entrepreneur by every definition of the term, Branson, who has grown Virgin Group, Ltd. to include over 360 companies, is credited as the world's greates ...


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