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China Speakers

Capitalise on Chinese Investment

We live in the Asian Century. As the only western country in the Asia Pacific region, Australia is uniquely positioned to capitalise on China’s ‘Going Out’ investment strategy. Paired with an inter-generational report that would see Australia’s population double by the year 2050, it’s easy to see that China’s role in the future our domestic markets, industries and society is significant to say the least.

China is 'Going Out' worldwide. But how do organisations secure Chinese investment? And where do we find investors in the first place?

In this keynote, David will empower businesses with the tools to build strong and binding investment relationships with Chinese investors, as they begin to move much of their almost $65 billion away from mining into other sectors of the Australian economy (a trend now echoed across the globe). As China diversify their investments; moving out into the world to secure their supply chain and build their innovation capabilities – how is your business positioned to be a part of the next wave of investment opportunities?

  • Understand the changing nature of China’s outbound investment – new industries, new people, new cities 
  • Learn how to position yourself and your business for a Chinese investor
  • Cultural tools to build strong and binding investment relationships with Chinese investors

David Thomas

David Thomas, keynote speaker, thought leader and entrepreneur, equips business leaders with the knowledge and tools to navigate the cross-cultural challenges involved in doing business in Asia Pacific and helps them develop their own strategy for success in the region.

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