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Does your event need a little light-hearted comedy? With years of experience on and off the stage, Our Comedy speakers, stand up comics and comedians can really give your corporate event that much needed boost in humour and entertainment. Your audience will be laughing and more engaged - ensuring that your message for the event isn't lost.

Rhys Muldoon

Rhys is a talented actor, writer and director who has worked in film, television and theatre as well as writing for radio. He also recently hosted the 2020 Summit in Canberra. His performances have been the recipient many awards, including AFI's, IF awards, an Oscar Nominations, a BAFTA nomination, Logies, Helpmann Awards and a Green Room Award. Rhys has MC'd, hosted and performed at countless ...


Richard Fidler

Formerly a member of Australian comedy trio, The Doug Anthony Allstars (DAAS), Richard worked as co-writer and performer for several TV series with DAAS, in Australia and the UK. In "Race Around the World", eight young Australians are chosen each year to travel around the world for one hundred days. They make a short mini documentary of their experiences, in a new country every ten days. The 19 ...


Richard Laible

Richard Laible is Corporate America's first choice for entertainment. He is widely sought after for his unique ability to improve tradeshows, sales meetings, promotions and other corporate events. Richard's reputation for using humor to increase audience participation and retention has earned him a long list of satisfied clients. An 18-year veteran of corporate entertainment, Richard began his car ...


Richard Stubbs

Richard Stubbs - is most well known as Australia's finest stand-up comedian. His rare experience of hosting 120 'Tonight Live' shows on Friday evenings nationally on Channel 7 and various other variety shows, has provided Richard with quick thinking and entertaining problem solving techniques. He has the ability to pull an event back into line successfully where most hosts fail. Richard's stro ...


Rob Carlton

Rob is a market leader in hosting Corporate Events. His range of skills includes hosting debates, 'hypotheticals', think tanks, strategic visioning as well as the usual comedic gala dinners, conferencing and team building days. Whilst studying at the University of Sydney Rob was a champion debater and public speaker. His humour and MC background stems from his work as a professional Theatresports ...


Robbi Mack

Robbi Mack is the ‘Queen of HeartBeatz’ and has a passion for inspiring and amplifying the potential found in human connection. Robbi empowers people with the tools to integrate our minds, with messages from the heart. An expert in emotional intelligence she innately understands the importance of self-awareness, self-management, and the power of empathy in becoming our greatest selves.


Rod Quantock

Rod Quantock is a comedian, writer, director and producer with more than twenty years experience working in cabaret, theatre, television, radio, advertising and the corporate sector. He began writing and performing in venues at Melbourne University in the late Sixties. From university he graduated to Melbourne's fledgling alternative nightspots in the early Seventies. Currently he is an MC, perfor ...


Roy and HG

As HG Nelson and Roy Slaven, Greig Pickhaver and John Doyle are heard on Sydney's JJJ every Saturday afternoon in their popular program THIS SPORTING LIFE which has been searing itself into the nations consciousness since 1986. Both Roy and HG are popular after dinner speakers and have gone to Wimbledon on two separate occasions to bring their own unique view of the great event to their broadcasts ...


Ruby Wax

Ruby began her career with the Royal Shakespeare Company before developing her own brand of highly amusing 'attitude TV'. Ruby has contributed, written and edited numerous scripts for TV shows including Absolutely Fabulous. With her outrageous show, Ruby Wax Meets, she broke all the rules and conventions and created some of TV's most memorable moments. After three decades working on stage, TV and ...


Russell Gilbert

As a youngster, Russell was fanatical about comedy. He would consistently listen to his collection of comedy records. Early favourites included Abbott & Costello, Martin & Lewis, Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Later he moved on to Cheech & Chong, George Carlin, Monty Python's Flying Circus and Steve Martin. The young Russell quickly developed his own jokes and routines to keep family & frie ...


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