Current Affairs Speakers

Mikhail Gorbachev

Mikhail Gorbachev has been one of the twentieth century's most pivotal leaders. As President of the Soviet Union, he ended the fifty years of nuclear brinkmanship named the Cold War. In its place, he taught his country and the world two new ideas: glasnost and perestroika. These revolutionary concepts led to the blossoming of freedom in Eastern Europe and the introduction of democracy to Russia. ...


Naomi Robson

Naomi is most well-known in Australia for her role as presenter/anchor of Today Tonight. Naomi left Australian TV screens and has since been hard at work on her new internet venture, The Naomi Show - LoveLife which feature panels of men and women discussing the dos and don'ts of dating. Naomi also devotes time to assisting a number of charities. ...


Natalia Cooper

Natalia Cooper is a weather presenter, news reader and journalist for Channel Seven Perth. She writes daily news updates and continues to work as a journalist, producing special reports for the station. Natalia is also an ambassador for Days of Change - a climate change initiative, has hosted a number of charity events in Perth and enjoys guest lecturing at universities. ...


Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky has written and lectured widely on linguistics, philosophy, intellectual history, international affairs and U.S. foreign policy. Most recently, with Ilan Papp, he has completed Gaza in Crisis (Haymarket Books). Other examples of his prolific work include: The Logical Structure of Linguistic Theory; Aspects of the Theory of Syntax; Language and Mind; American Power and the New Mandarin ...


Norman Swan

There simply is no one else in australia who has been across Health more than Dr. Norman Swan. Norman was one of the first medically qualified journalists in the country. Best known for his wide broadcasting experience including the award-winning Health Report for ABC Radio National, Dr Norman Swan also hosted Life Matters for Radio National and more recently Health Dimensions on ABC Television. ...


Pat Farmer

Pat Farmer has transformed his interest of ultra-marathon running into a professional career - setting and breaking world records at events globally, while simultaneously raising funds for charities and medical research programs. A high profile leader, acknowledged for an enviable media following, positive 'brand' awareness, and the influence to unite and inspire action for a vision or solution. P ...


Patrick Lindsay

Journalist, documentary maker and author of 'The Spirit of Kokoda ... Then & Now'. Patrick Lindsay has had leading roles on nine of the top rating shows screened on the Nine Network, including Today, Sunday, Wide World of Sports, Money and A Current Affair, Summer Edition. Patrick sets any audience at ease with wit, charm and a commanding use of language. A consummate professional, Patrick is at ...


Paul Barry

Paul Barry is an award-winning journalist and a best-selling author with a formidable reputation for uncovering scandal, investigating crime, exposing corporate cheats and revealing failures in government departments. Paul's latest book, Rich Kids, published in 2005, charts the rise and fall of One.Tel, in which the Packers and Murdochs lost almost $1 billion. ...


Peter Beattie

Peter Beattie was the 36th Premier of Queensland for nine years and leader of the Australian Labor Party in that state for eleven and a half years. His sweeping victories in the 2001, 2004 and 2006 state elections confirmed him as one of the most electorally successful politicians in Australia. His interests include economics and trade development, health, local government, housing, criminal law ...


Peter Overton

In January 2009, Overton was appointed presenter of Nine News Sydney. Peter is the face that people turn to for news. He has become one of Nine News' best known and respected presenters for Sydney covering National Nine News, the national news bulletin, the 6pm news on Saturdays and 60 minutes.


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