Economics/Business Speakers

Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer has been a money man for newspapers, radio and television for over 18 years. He is a former lecturer of economics at the University of New South Wales and has authored numerous books on money, finance and business. Peter also converted the US best seller, Idiot's Guide to Getting Rich for the Australian market. Peter is one of the most sought after communicators on the business speak ...


Peter Williams

Peter Williams is a recognised thought leader and practitioner in Innovation with a particular focus on digital innovation as well as how societal and technology changes will impact the future of industries.


Phil Preston

Phil worked in the investment industry for 19 years where he oversaw $50 billion of investments. He left that 'comfortable' life in 2007 to help businesses address social and environmental challenges as part of their core and profitable business.


Phil Ruthven

Phil Ruthven is the founder and Chairman of IBISWorld, an international corporation providing online business information, forecasting and strategic services. IBISWorld now operates in Australia, the United States (NY and LA), Canada, China, United Kingdom and Indonesia. It plans to add the rest of the European Union, and Japan over the next five years or so. In 2014, Phil became a Member of the O ...


Philip Clark

Philip has been, variously: a lawyer, a journalist, a Federal Ministerial adviser and a radio broadcaster. In these roles Philip introduced longstanding favourites such as the Sydney Morning Herald's Stay in Touch column, the 2BL Evening Quiz and the Andrew Olle memorial lecture. Since 2002, he has presented the highly successful Philip Clark Drive Program from 4pm-7pm weekdays. The show mixes new ...


Prof Jim Bright and James Morrison

Presented by James Morrison & Professor Jim Bright Beyond Corporate Mastery, is Improvisation and Innovation for Successful Enterprises Introducing a dynamic and entertaining learning event featuring world leaders in entertainment and human behaviour at work. James and Jim have combined their expertise to produce Beyond Corporate Mastery™ to share the secrets of developing a competitive adva ...


Pru Goward

Pru Goward served as Executive Director of the Office of the Status of Women from 1997-2001. In July 2001, she became the Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, appointed for a term of five years. In 2004, she was also appointed Commissioner Responsible for Age Discrimination. Pru stood successfully as a candidate for the Liberal Party of Australia in the seat of Goulburn in the Legislative Asse ...


Ramon De Leon

Ramon De Leon started with Domino's Pizza in Chicago as a pizza delivery driver. Twenty Six years later Ramon is the Marketing Mind of a six store Domino's Pizza Franchise in Chicago. His career has also given him the opportunity to work in Mexico as a Business Development Consultant for Domino's Pizza. Extreme Passion and High Energy are words that best describe his love for the pizza business. ...


Randi Zuckerberg

Randi Zuckerberg is the founder and creative director of R to Z Studios, Inc. As one of the early employees at Facebook, Randi created and ran the social media pioneer's marketing program. She led the company's U.S. election and international politics strategy and created Facebook's livestreaming capability through media partnerships during the Presidential Inauguration. Randi was nominated for an ...


Ray Scicluna

Ray Scicluna works with businesses and their team to get the best outcome! It's not how far he fell, it's how Ray Bounces back that is inspiring and the true meaning of success. Today Ray's businesses include franchising, business consulting, retailing, manufacturing innovations, event management and training and he is passionate about sharing what he has learnt. Ray knows his stuff. Speaking f ...


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