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Simon Stokes

After living and working in Shanghai for 7 years up to mid-2009, Simon Stokes is an essential source for anyone needing to know how to do financial services business in China today. As founder and Executive Director, Simon Stokes has strategically positioned ChinaAcumen to take advantage of opportunities in the current ‘opening-up’ to global competition of the China financial services ...


Stacie Nevadomski Berdan

Stacie Nevadomski Berdan is co-author with C. Perry Yeatman of Get Ahead By Going Abroad: A Woman's Guide to Fast-Track Career Success. She became a vice president at Burson-Marsteller, a leading global PR firm, at the age of 27. She later jumped from vice president to global account managing director after a three-year stint in Asia. By age 34, she was leading the company's fourth-largest revenue ...


Stefan Hajkowicz

Stefan is a principal scientist at CSIRO working in the field of strategic foresight and director of the Data61 Insight Team. He spends his time thinking about the future and about practical ways to help people make wiser choices.


Stephen Attenborough

After almost 20 years in senior business and client management roles for a top London finance company, Stephen Attenborough escaped a career in investment management and joined Virgin Galactic when the business was launched in 2004. He became the company's first full time employee, his remit to put in place the commercial foundations of the business, at the same time as becoming possibly the world ...


Stephen Bartholomeusz

Stephen Bartholomeusz is an Associate editor of Business Spectator. His experience is unquestionable and his attention to the gritty details of business is what sets him apart from his peers. Stephen's innate ability to find and concentrate on unique perspectives about businesses, regulation, changes to companies' competitive landscapes and the business environment at large is a truly unique offer ...


Stephen Koukoulas

One of Australia’s leading economic visionaries, past Chief Economist of Citibank and Senior Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister.


Stevan Premutico

Stevan is one of Australia’s leading tech entrepreneurs. In 1997, in the middle of the GFC he conceptualised Dimmi on the back of a napkin and went on to revolutionise the Aussie restaurant industry. In 2015, his startup was acquired by one of the great tech businesses of our time, TripAdvisor.


Steve Bracks

Steve Bracks became one of Victoria's most successful Premiers winning three consecutive elections including achieving record majorities in the 2002 and 2006 elections. Whilst Premier, Mr Bracks rebuilt Victoria's infrastructure and services while maintaining strong budgets and managing a growing economy. ...


Steve Van Aperen

Drawing on real life examples Steve demonstrates the methods in which people deceive. For example when Bill Clinton was asked if he had ever used an illegal drug he answered: "I've never violated a law of my country." Whilst this response appears to be a denial, he did not answer the question. Later Clinton admitted that he smoked marijuana whilst at Oxford University in the United Kingdom but did ...


Steven Bradbury

Olympic Champion, Champion Speaker and genuine onstage Motivator and Entertainer is a unique skill set. 

Transitioning from being an expert speed skater to an expert motivational speaker, MC and after dinner entertainer has been an interesting ride over the last 12 years.  Steven Bradbury has presented at over 1000 conferences and events in 19 countries and still loves it.  He loves the adrenalin before going onstage and loves that his strategies for success in business and in life are able to inspire and help people. 


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