Entertainment Speakers

OOH James

My name is Bond, you know the rest. What you didn't know is that they come in threes AND they sing! Welcome to the slickest, coolest and - dare we say it - most debonair show to hit the corporate entertainment scene, bringing the world's favourite leading man to the stage. Tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, James, James and James smoothly and hilariously get amongst the audience whilst belti ...


Patti Newton

Patti Newton's long and successful career began at age four when she played the Tivoli circuit in many of that company's legendary pantomimes. She worked extensively in Melbourne radio particularly at 3XY and 3DB and moved with the Swallows Juniors to the Seven Network when television began in Australia. Patti transferred to the Nine Network and became 'In Melbourne Tonight's best known singer/dan ...


Paul Mercurio

From an international career in movies and television, one of Australia's favourite personalities, Paul Mercurio, turns his attention to another of his passions - food. Mercurio's Menu differs from other cooking series, because destinations share the spotlight with regional cuisines. Paul is tour host and resident cook as he escorts viewers around Australia. Food production in all of its diversit ...


Peter Fenton

Sports Author, Rugby Coach & Rugby's 'unofficial poet laureate' One of Australia's most entertaining sports characters. Fenton is a highly regarded solo speaker and because of his popularity with players from Wallabies down to club players, Fenton also works exceptionally well in the role of interviewer/compere. ...


Peter Kaye

Peter Kaye is one of Australia's most talented and popular performers at leading corporate functions throughout Australia with his unique comedy impersonations of famous entertainers and political figures. In fact, he has been MO Awards winner Australia's Best Variety Entertainer for three years in succession. With the aid of his specially made life-like latex rubber masks, Peter presents some of ...


Peter Russell-Clarke

Peter Russell-Clarke is an icon of the Australian food scene. His name is synonymous with good food and wine yet he is considered a down-to-earth Aussie. He wrote, produced and presented 900 TV shows for 197 of the Australian Government owned national TV stations the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission), 150 for SBS, documentaries for Good Morning Australia and programme segments for The Don L ...


Phil Cass

"Comedy Magician - Phil has an international reputation as one of Australia's most polished and professional comedy entertainers. Amongst his string of prestigious awards in show business, Phil now has 3 Australian Club Entertainment Awards and 7 'MO' Awards for being the Best Speciality Act in Australia. FIRST CLASS." With a middle name like 'Trust Me' you can be sure of one thing ...... P ...


Philip Escoffey

Philip Escoffey AKA The Grey Man, is one of the UK's top psychic illusionist/mind readers. A Psychology graduate, Philip has been earning a living as a mentalist for the last 10 years. A confirmed skeptic, Philip is dismissive of spiritualists, mediums and astrologers. However, he has a deep academic interest in the reasons why people need to believe and is an expert in how techniques like cold ...


Picture Trigger

At Picture Trigger, their mission is; "To bring your brilliant conference messages to life through pictures." In the meeting world where messages compete with information overload, time constraints and post event action Picture Trigger has been specifically designed to bridge the gap between learning, long term memory and post event action. Picture Trigger's Gun artists capture the key message co ...


PJ & Chloe Dallimore

PJ Lane, son of the legendary Don Lane, is a chip off the old block and will thrill with his own renditions of some of his father's most loved hits such as "They're Playing Our Song" and "Just The Way You Are". Chloe Dallimore, musical theatre star of The Producers and Thoroughly Modern Millie, will take you on a trip through some of her favourite show tunes and Hollywood icons: from Chicago to Th ...


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