Environment Sustainability Speakers

Norman Swan

There simply is no one else in australia who has been across Health more than Dr. Norman Swan. Norman was one of the first medically qualified journalists in the country. Best known for his wide broadcasting experience including the award-winning Health Report for ABC Radio National, Dr Norman Swan also hosted Life Matters for Radio National and more recently Health Dimensions on ABC Television. ...


Olivia Newton-John

Grammy Award-winner Olivia Newton-John catapulted into movie stardom with her momentous portrayal of Sandy in Grease. Her musical contributions helped to make it the most successful movie musical soundtrack in history. Among other admirable accomplishments, the "Physical" songstress co-founded the Children's Health Environmental Coalition, and she has defeated breast cancer. Newton-John continu ...


Olympia Dukakis

Actress, director, producer, teacher, activist - this is how Olympia Dukakis defines herself. The Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning star of such films as Moonstruck, Steel Magnolias, Picture Perfect and the top rated mini-series Tales of the City, Olympia Dukakis is a woman of uncommon achievement and dedication. A 30 year veteran of stage and screen, she also founded and served as artistic d ...


Paul Higgins

Paul established Emergent Futures Pty Ltd as a consulting company combining his long experience in business with his training as a futurist to assist organisations and individuals in the creation of strategy. Paul believes that the application of foresight tools to the strategy process can give organisations a critical edge in a fast moving modern world. He holds a First Class Honours Degree in V ...


Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer has been a money man for newspapers, radio and television for over 18 years. He is a former lecturer of economics at the University of New South Wales and has authored numerous books on money, finance and business. Peter also converted the US best seller, Idiot's Guide to Getting Rich for the Australian market. Peter is one of the most sought after communicators on the business speak ...


Phil Preston

Phil worked in the investment industry for 19 years where he oversaw $50 billion of investments. He left that 'comfortable' life in 2007 to help businesses address social and environmental challenges as part of their core and profitable business.


Rex Hunt

Rex Hunt was born in Melbourne's bayside area of Mentone and it was not long before he developed his two great loves in life - fishing and football. When Rex started his senior football career with Richmond he was a Victorian Police Cadet, sixteen years later he graduated to Sergeant. In the meantime, Rex managed 202 senior VFL games for three clubs, Richmond, Geelong and St. Kilda and was the onl ...


Richard Neville

A well known social commentator on trends, innovation, the new consumer, info-tech and globalisation. He calls his presentation 'Seeing the footprints of the future in the shifting sands'. While the content is widely varied, depending on the needs of clients, his aim is to empower audiences to contemplate a range of possible futures. ...


Rob Gell

Rob Gell is an outstanding communicator who has earned the respect of government, business, and environmental groups for his approach to sustainable development. Rob is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and an Inaugural Fellow of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand. He is a coastal geomorphologist by training; he taught Environmental Science and Physical Geography at te ...


Robert Kennedy Jnr

Lauded by Successful Meetings magazine as a man whose message supercedes his golden name, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. delivers with earnestness and obvious passion. His reputation as a resolute defender of the environment stems from a litany of successful legal actions: prosecuting governments and companies for polluting the Hudson River and Long Island Sound. He has won settlements for the Hudson Riv ...


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