Environment Sustainability Speakers

Robyn Williams

Robyn presents Radio National's Science Show, Ockham's Razor and In Conversation. Robyn's sharp wit, keen sense of humour and ability to present science as an interest to just about anyone, has contributed greatly to the popularity of these programs. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in England. Robyn's natural talent for acting and his love of science, led to more serious projects ...


Ros Kelly

Ros Kelly has one of the highest profiles of any woman in Australia. As Australia's only woman in the Federal Cabinet for four years, she has re-written the history books on many occasions. As Australia's Environment Minister, she directed Australia's environment policies from 1990 - 1994. Ms Kelly led the Australian delegation to the Rio Earth Summit. ...


Ryan Chin

Ryan Chin is a fourth-year PhD student at the MIT Media laboratory in the Smart Cities research group. He is building the car of the future - a foldable, stackable, sharable, electric, two-passenger city vehicle that rethinks urban mobility. This work, in collaboration with General Motors, takes into account problems of parking, congestion, energy efficiency, pollution, communication, and conside ...


Sheree Marris

Victorian-based Aquatic Scientist Sheree Marris is one of Australia's youngest environment ambassadors who is committed to educating the community about their responsibilities towards the environment as well as making the environment fun, engaging and entertaining. Through radio talk-back, television appearances, hosting documentaries and featuring in commercials, 30 year old Sheree has gained a r ...


Simon McKeon

Simon McKeon is an Australian businessman, philanthropist and sportsman. On 25 January 2011 he was named Australian of the Year for 2011 by Prime Minister Julia Gillard. After completing a Bachelor of Commerce in 1976 and Bachelor of Law in 1978, both at the University of Melbourne, Simon McKeon practiced law in Sydney with Blake Dawson Waldron before taking up a post with the Macquarie Bank, wher ...


Sorrel Wilby

Award winning adventurer, author photographer, journalist, television presenter, keynote speaker and artist, Sorrel Wilby is a multi-faceted young woman who has big dreams - and the courage to follow them. Her chosen career is to adventure into the world's wildest and most remote areas and her dream is to inspire others to push themselves to the limits to follow their dreams. Last year Sorrel c ...


Stacey Thomson

Ranger Stacey is a well-known name in Australian children's television and is a favourite with young and old audiences alike. As one of the original Totally Wild presenters when the program began in 1992, Stacey continues to research, write and present stories. Her environmental background and natural, bubbly personality make her a valuable member of the Totally Wild team. ...


Stefan Hajkowicz

Stefan is a principal scientist at CSIRO working in the field of strategic foresight and director of the Data61 Insight Team. He spends his time thinking about the future and about practical ways to help people make wiser choices.


Susan Greenfield

One of the UK's leading communicators of science, Professor Baroness Greenfield is a distinguished scientist, broadcaster, writer and best selling author of 'The Human Brain: A Guided Tour' and 'Brain Story' among others. She is a Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford, which she holds jointly with her position as Director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. She has presented numerous TV and r ...


Tanya Ha

Tanya is an articulate, engaging, warm, informative, entertaining and inspirational speaker. Whether presenting keynote speeches to large audiences or small sustainability workshops, she involves her audience and empowers them to act on what they hear. Her speeches are thought provoking but fun, inspiring and motivating listeners to environmental action in their own lives. ...


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