Future/Trends Speakers

Michelle Rushton

Michelle has designed and delivered award-winning behaviour change and leadership development programs for companies like Microsoft, Australia Post and American Express.


Michio Kaku

What will we be buying from the local store twenty years from now? Perhaps a new lung, or a robot? Michio's goal is the complete Einstein's dream of a "theory of everything," to derive an equation, perhaps no more than one inch long, which will summarize all the physical laws of the universe. He is also known as an author of popular science books, including the best-sellers Beyond Einstein, Vision ...


Mike McAllum

Michael McAllum is an internationally recognised speaker, author and facilitator consultant. As a 'futures architect', his focus is on the how to shape and harness the power of the forces involved in the transition from a mechanistic and centralized 20th century world to a 21st century networked and distributed society. This fast moving shift will require most organisations, cities and regions to ...


Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh, author of Futuretainment and CEO of innovation research agency TomExtra Fieldsorrow is a leading authority on the digital future. A dynamic keynote speaker and experienced trends analyst, Mike helps prepare business leaders for what's next. With a combination of high impact visuals, unique consumer case studies and high definition video - Mike's presentations are a powerful catalyst for leadership ...


Monte Huebsch

Putting the "Business" back into e-Business. There is no doubt that e-business is having, and will continue to have, a profound affect on the way we do business. However, most forays into e-business have ended in mediocrity at best. It is now time to put the business prudence back into the creation and implementation of e-business strategies and Monte will show you how! The presentation topi ...


Morris Miselowski

Morris has an amazing array of future oriented keynotes, presentations, workshops, seminars and forums to choose from as well as hands-on and kiosk style programs. Each of these topics represents a starting point for your discussion, delivery method and topics, but the true beauty comes in the 100% personalisation Morris will bring to your event. He will research your company, your audience, your ...


Neer Korn

Insightful, informative yet highly engaging and entertaining is what Neer Korn's presentations are all about. Neer takes his audience on a journey through Australian society, peppering his insights with video quotes from Australians themselves that bring the presentation to life. More than learning and entertainment - it's all about creating a culture of instinct. ...


Neville Norman

Neville graduated from The University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Commerce (First Class honours, top student) in 1967 before going on to obtain a Master of Arts (first class honours, also from Melbourne), in 1969. In 1973 he received his PhD from Cambridge University. (Microeconomics, international trade theory and econometrics.) While at Cambridge Neville was supervisor in international econo ...


Nick Abrahams

Leader in the technology & innovation community as an entrepreneur, director, investor and advisor.


Nick Klein

Nick is the Managing Director of Klein & Co. Computer Forensics, Australia’s leading independent digital forensic and cyber incident response team.

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