Kamal Sarma Speakers

5 Minutes with Kamal Sarma

In the leadup to our February National Speaker Showcase, we found five minutes to sit down and chat with leading resilience expert Kamal Sarma.

Asgard Wealth Solutions

A stimulating presentation of what makes our minds tick... Kamal is engaging and thought provoking; anyone who wants to be take on new challenges needs to understand how their minds work. 

Cockram Construction

Interesting subject matter that can definitely be utilised in our workplace.  Human connection is so important & can easily be lost when dominant conversation is used.

Colonial First State

Great facts & stats which were pretty shocking & eye opening in some cases.  Domination language was very enlightening.

Digital Resilience: Thriving in a digitally transforming world

Are you in charge of sculpting your mind? Or is your mind being hacked?

Digital transformation has been revolutionary. It has given humans the ability to consume whenever and wherever. We are now entertained endlessly, more informed and constantly stimulated.

As a species, our tools have evolved from the simple hand axe, to the always-in-the-palm-of-your-hand phone.

We are aware of digital disruption, digital Darwinism and the impact that technology can have on our lives. However, our carbon brains do not change at the same rate as silicon digital devices.

Without truly understanding the impacts that technology has on our minds, we are powerless against our minds being hacked. This 'hacking' can lead to digital distraction and ultimately, digital depletion.

To make sure organisations, teams and individuals can perform in a digitally transformed world, we must be able to use technology in a beneficial way, sculpting our minds and remaining digitally resilient.

In this session, Kamal Sarma will cover

  • How we as an analogue species, need to shift our mindset and behaviours to thrive in a digital world
  • How to master digital productivity and recognise digital addictions.
  • How to curb digital distractions to avoid depletion
  • How to debug our minds once they have been 'hacked'
  • How to lead your-self to be able to lead digital transformation in your business

Director Australia Media Federation

His stories resonated and he delivered them with lots of passionate energy.  Entertaining and fun, everyone learnt a lot from his experiences and expertise.  Kamal is 10 out of 10!

Fitness Australia

A very relevant presentation on issues occurring within my own workplace. He was both entertaining & engaging.

Geometry Global

An excellent speaker. His simple way of changing little words could make an amazing impace in the work place.  Great energy.

JLF Corporation

Thank you for the presentation you gave to our Annual National Conference.  The feedback we received from everyone who attended was that they loved your presentation.

L J Hooker

Great energy, relevant topic, would love to hear more especially on how this topic can transform the workplace.

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