Kamal Sarma Speakers

Parliament NSW

Innovative, engaging & related to today’s challenges in business.

Property Council

Human communication – language.  By age 3 picked up internal dialogue so focus on message received over message sent.

Property Council

Workplace equality - not just listening but making others feel heard.  Great speaker, very natural.

Sane Event

Perfect speaker for an M & A event or Exec retreat.  Very well spoken & delivery was spot on.

Sane Event

Extremely valuable concepts, perfect for executive retreats.  Good take home messages for partners, children & work colleagues.

Take Off Your Armour: The Role of Vulnerability To Increase Your Resilience

The situation was every leader’s worst nightmare: Archana Patchirajan, founder of an Indian technology startup, had to call her staff into a meeting and give them some devastating news. Due to a stark lack of funds, Archana would have to let them go. She could no longer afford to pay them.

The Connection Advantage

To gain an advantage in life and in business the most important skill you need to develop is connection. Yet we are never taught the skills that enable us to connect deeply with one another, our clients or our purpose.

Organisations that truly can connect at these 3 levels are able to flourish and deal with change, complexity and uncertainty.

In this presentation Kamal explores:

  • How to create deep connection at personal level, team level and at a purpose level
  • How to use the connection advantage to create a shortcut to change
  • The 5 areas where connection can break down and how to rebuild
  • How to use build connection to build an appreciation and feedback culture
  • How to use human connection to build a sustainable competitive advantage

The Golden Door Elysia Health Retreat

Your presentation was fantastic and I am keen to read your book. The guest feedback was excellent. You have fantastic presentation skills and a true ability to communicate a sometimes difficult subject to the everyday person. Bravo! 

The Leadership Leap

Why you need to un-learn and re-learn

Strong leadership of self and of your organisation is imperative for the future of work and business. Leadership is an ongoing challenge globally and presents limitless opportunities for growth.

To progress your personal or professional journey Kamal believes you need to un-learn many things you have been taught previously. He has identified 7 essential principals and suggests that un-learning these will accelerate your Leadership Journey.

On the Leadership Leap Journey Kamal will explore:

  • The 7 Principals of Leadership to un-learn
  • The new principals of Leadership
  • How to build Leadership that inspires people to follow
  • How to transform people and culture through Leadership


I can see where his material could be applicable across different populations within my organisation. Great presence & energy.  His background would resinate with bankers.

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