Management Speakers

Phil Preston

Phil helps purpose-driven leaders, teams and organisations realise their full potential without trading off their values and realities of work, life and doing business. Purpose-driven approaches balance the tension between profits, people and the planet and he explains what they are, how they work and how to put them into practice.

Phil's the author of Connecting Profit with Purpose and was recently quoted in the AFR report on purpose in business. For more than 15-years, he's been helping clients across all sectors through speaking, workshops, programs and facilitations.

Phil Ruthven

Phil Ruthven is the founder and Chairman of IBISWorld, an international corporation providing online business information, forecasting and strategic services. IBISWorld now operates in Australia, the United States (NY and LA), Canada, China, United Kingdom and Indonesia. It plans to add the rest of the European Union, and Japan over the next five years or so. In 2014, Phil became a Member of the O ...

Pippa Hallas

Ella Baché is a respected skin care brand revered across the country. You may think you know its story, but there’s so much more to this brand than meets the eye.

Because it all started with one woman, a pot of wax and the decision to bare it all in the foyer of David Jones. Now, for the first time, CEO Pippa

Hallas opens up about the journey, legacy and lessons behind one of Australia's most iconic female led brands. The disruptions, the innovations, the mistakes and the risks - and what it really takes to successfully steer an 80 year old business into a radically new world.

Rael Bricker

Rael Bricker is a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully transformed a health scare into motivation. With a rich background spanning finance, education, and leadership across two continents and two listed companies, Rael addresses key corporate challenges: change management, strategic alignment between culture and strategy, communication barriers, and technological integration. Holding an MBA, MSc, and CSP, he guides global businesses towards operational excellence and strategic success.

Richard Hames

Recently described as one of this century's most foresightful corporate philosophers, and by Forbes Asia as one of the smartest people on the planet, Dr Richard Hames is one of the world's most influential intellectuals and strategic foresight practitioners. Founder of globally distributed think-tank The Hames Group, Richard works internationally as an adviser to governments and with many of the ...

Ricky Nowak

Ricky Nowak CSP is a former actor and experienced presenter who takes the drama out of conferences and events! With her fresh and unique approach as MC, Speaker, or Facilitator she brings her quick wit, curiosity, authentic style, and sense of humour to audiences - big or small, corporate or business. She is well researched, can adapt to all situations, is cool under pressure, and easy to work with. She is as much at home in the Board Room as she is in the Conference Room and will make your event shine and know you are you in expert hands!

Robert Mansfield

Robert was the major projects facilitator on a consultancy basis reporting directly to the Prime Minister. In November 1999 Bob completed his Federal Government roles and was appointed Director of Telstra Corporation Limited, becoming Telstra's non-executive Chairman and served until April 2004. In January 2000 Bob was honoured with an Order of Australia award for his contribution to Australian bu ...

Robert Spillane

Professor Spillane teaches and writes on philosophy and psychology and their application to management. He examines theories of personality, motivation, managerial values, group dynamics, occupational stress and counseling and their relevance for, and application to management. He is also interested in the history of Western ideas, demonstrating that the field of management, which is of recent ori ...

Robin Daubeny

Robin Daubeny is a highly regarded professional speaker in Australia who delivers presentations that entertain, educate and motivate. Attendees take away proven, positive self-help ideas that can change performance, behaviour and life in general. Robin is also a highly successful business and sportsman. He was appointed as a consultant at the Australian Institute of Sport where he works with eli ...

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