Motivation/Inspiration Speakers

Rachael Bermingham

Rachael Bermingham is co-author of 'Read My LIPS', the 4 Ingredients Cookbooks and author of the recently launched 'How to Write Your Own Book & Make it a Bestseller'. Rachael is a popular speaker and role model and inspires people throughout Australia, NZ, and the UK with her talks and story on how she went from beyond broke to being one of the countries highest earning authors. Rachael LOVES ...


Rachael Pickworth

Rachael's presentations are a breath of fresh air. Her blend of youthful passion, award winning business success, knowledge beyond her years and her warm and dynamic presentation style, combine to wow audiences and take them on an inspiring journey, whether it is a short keynote presentation or weekend workshop. At the core of Rachael's message: To achieve the impossible dream you must first de ...


Rachael Robertson

Rachael Robertson (CSP, MBA) is a former Antarctic expedition leader, Chief Ranger and leader with 20 years of ‘extreme’ leadership experience. She is a best-selling author and leadership guru whose talents are in great demand from leading organisations around the globe. As only the second female to lead a team to Davis Station in Antarctica she managed a diverse group of up to 120 peop ...


Rachel Kayrooz

At 36, Rachel has achieved more in her young life than most people will achieve in a whole life time. This is even more amazing when you consider that just a few years ago, Rachel was struggling to survive as a victim trapped in a domestic violence relationship; one which nearly cost Rachel her life and that of her unborn child. At the encouragement of Amnesty International, Rachel began speak ...


Raelene Boyle

One of Australia's greatest track and field athletes, Raelene Boyle brought audiences to their feet for over fourteen years of international competition. Raelene first took the international stage in Mexico City in 1968 winning silver at the age of just 16, a promise of things to come. ...


Ramon De Leon

Ramon De Leon started with Domino's Pizza in Chicago as a pizza delivery driver. Twenty Six years later Ramon is the Marketing Mind of a six store Domino's Pizza Franchise in Chicago. His career has also given him the opportunity to work in Mexico as a Business Development Consultant for Domino's Pizza. Extreme Passion and High Energy are words that best describe his love for the pizza business. ...


Ranulph Fiennes

Having led 22 major expeditions to remote parts of the world, including both Poles, Sir Ranulph Fiennes is currently the only man alive to have travelled around the Earth's circumpolar surface. He was also the first explorer to completely cross the Antarctic continent unsupported, and aged 65, he climbed to the summit of Mount Everest, the oldest Briton ever to do so. To date Sir Ranulph has raise ...


Ray Bigger

As a former English Premier League/Football League Referee Ray talks to the skill set of a top level Referee and how that is relevant to Management and Managing People today. This is a unique talk as there is no one else in Asia who can cover this subject with the combined background that Ray has. ...


Ray Scicluna

Ray Scicluna works with businesses and their team to get the best outcome! It's not how far he fell, it's how Ray Bounces back that is inspiring and the true meaning of success. Today Ray's businesses include franchising, business consulting, retailing, manufacturing innovations, event management and training and he is passionate about sharing what he has learnt. Ray knows his stuff. Speaking f ...


Rechelle Hawkes

Captain of the Hockeyroos for eight years, and 3 gold medals at 3 different olympics. She provides inspiration and motivation to people from all walks of life through keynotes and workshops on goal setting, teamwork and success. Her message has received commendations from the highest level of business. ...


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