Motivation/Inspiration Speakers

Jim Lawless

Jim is one of the most inspiring and highly sought after speakers and coaches in Europe. He is the only speaker to have developed a unique model for personal and business achievement and proved it in response to an audience challenge. He put his life on the line to go from overweight, smoking, non-riding consultant to riding in his first televised race as a jockey in just 12 months. All to prove that...


Jim Molan

Major General Jim Molan has been an infantryman, an Indonesian speaker, a helicopter pilot, commander of army units from a thirty man platoon to a division of 15,000 soldiers, commander of the Australian Defence Colleges and commander of the evacuation force from the Solomon Islands. In retirement General Molan is a commentator on security and military issues in the Australian print and electronic ...


Jim Whitt

Armed with a degree in animal science and a rope which he uses to corral audience members, this consultant, author, speaker and one-time cowboy applies what he learned about punching cows to provoking people. Makes them laugh while helping them rise above their animal natures to reach their full potential. Do not let his disarming charm and humor fool you. Considered dangerous to status quo and pe ...


Jo Gambi

Jo entered the Guinness World Records for the fastest female ascent of the Seven Summits. She is also the second British woman to ever climb Everest's North Ridge. Jo Gambi and her husband Rob, became the first couple to climb the ‘Seven Summits' in record time and ski to the North and South Poles. Jo is the first woman to achieve this. Remarkably they achieved these records not only whi ...


Joanna Maxwell

Joanna Maxwell helps people flourish at work, using creative thinking for individual career development or to train teams to use their whole brains – so everyone can work in colour, not in black + white, everyday. After recovering from her first career as a lawyer, Joanna decided to use the rigour and analytical skills learned as a lawyer in a more creative and unstructured environment. She ...


Joe Cross

Joe Cross is an Australian entrepreneur and investor who invests in early stage high potential growth companies. These include investments in the fashion, transportation, private equity finance, derivatives trading, early childhood education, structural steel distribution and health and wellness sectors. Joe began his business career as a trader on the Sydney Futures Exchange. Joe founded several ...


Joe Girard

International lecturer and winner of the world's number one retail salesperson title from, Joe Girard has a lifetime of experience to share with you personally, or with your entire company or association. Take it from a man who has been in the same trenches you are in now, he will challenge you to "step up to life and plan for what you get and deserve," to "become the person you have always strive ...


Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson has drawn from his experiences as one of the world's most successful and respected mountaineers to become a leading author. "Touching the Void", the story of his amazing survival, having shattered his leg and been left for dead in a crevasse high in the Andes, has sold over a million copies worldwide. He now brings his knowledge and powerful stories to the corporate sector in an amaz ...


John Anderson

In 1962, John Anderson founded Contiki Holidays with just 25 pounds in his pocket. Today, Contiki is one of the world's leading travel groups operating throughout Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The creation of Contiki is an incredible success story. When he sold the company a few years ago it was firmly established as an international 'brand' name. John's story is inspiration ...


John Bertrand

John Bertrand AM mastered the principles of leadership as a result of a long international apprenticeship. This journey took him through three America's Cup Challenges - 1970, 1974 and 1980 - and three Olympic Games teams before he had assembled enough leadership, knowledge and skill as skipper of Australia II, to finally succeed in winning the 1983 America's Cup. In August 2013, John was appo ...


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