Motivation/Inspiration Speakers

Rex Pemberton

Rex Pemberton is a Lead Facilitator, keynote speaker and business owner. Rex partners with senior executives, people managers and project teams to deliver high impact customised leadership and team development. In this capacity he has helped organisations all over the globe to deliver memorable programmes that consistently deliver return on investment. He has partners with organizations in four s ...


Rhett Morris

Rhett Morris is passionate about building Bulletproof people. Crisis Resilient People - Bulletproof People - deal effectively with the ups and downs of life. They endure crisis situations and experiences without a loss of personal or work performance. Instead, they use these circumstances to build character and become more "Bulletproof". Organisations filled with Bulletproof People are better p ...


Rhondalynn Korolak

Rhondalynn has a creative and inspiring story that proves that you can BE, DO and HAVE anything you set your mind to. From humble beginnings and despite formidable obstacles, to success as a leader and entrepreneur, Rhondalynn is one of the most dynamic and inspiring speakers on the power of communication, influence and the science of the self-image. Her methodologies are engaging and memorable - ...


Richard Branson

The face, spirit, and entrepreneurial mastermind behind Virgin, one of the world's most dynamic brands, Richard Branson is known for his unique vision, competitive style, and showy nature not only in business, but in all aspects of life. A global entrepreneur by every definition of the term, Branson, who has grown Virgin Group, Ltd. to include over 360 companies, is credited as the world's greates ...


Richard Champion

Richard has had a football career spanning 14 years, including 10 years with the Brisbane Bears / Lions. Qualifying for entry to the AFL's prestigious 200 Club at the conclusion of his career, Richard Champion won lavish praise from coach Leigh Matthews. He was awarded Brisbane Lions Life Membership at the end of the 2000 season for his 10 years of loyal service to the club. Richard has a multi-t ...


Richard Charlesworth

He excels. He always has. Whether leading the world in hockey, captaining Western Australia in cricket, cramming in a medical degree or winning a seat in federal parliament, Ric has been excellent as a rule and frequently brilliant. His natural gifts and a fierce appetite for victory have guaranteed his success. Ric is an author, a doctor of medicine, a former captain of the Australian Hockey Tea ...


Richard de Crespigny

Captain Richard de Crespigny is one of Qantas' most senior pilots. He and his crew created international headlines November 2010 when their Qantas A380, flying over Batam Island en route from Singapore to Sydney, suffered an uncontained engine failure and was forced to make an emergency return landing at Singapore's Changi Airport. Carrying a total of 469 passengers and crew, the four-engine air ...


Richard Sauerman

The largest source of organisational value is the Intangible Value - values, personality, trust, reputation, loyalty, commitment, ideas, strategy. These are your intangibles and Richard trades in this currency. His work is about unleashing the full left and right brain potential - as a business, as a brand, as a team, as an individual. His brand is Wake up Tiger - which is a humanistic brand that ...


Richard Simmons

For over twenty-five years, he has had the unique ability to deliver a serious message through laughter to millions of Americans via videos, personal appearances, daytime and late night television appearances, infomercials and books. Because of this, Richard Simmons has become the nation's most revered fitness expert. Simmons' success as a fitness expert and advocate led to numerous local and nati ...


Richard Telford

Professor Richard Telford is Australia's first full time sports scientist and a Foundation Fellow of the Australian Sports Medicine Federation. He is one of Australia's top coaches, a fine athlete, an A grade footballer, cricketer, marathon runner and national title holder in the veterans 800, 1,500 and 5,000 events. ...


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