Peter Williams Speakers

Digital /Technology

As you would expect Digital and Technology will continue to drive changes in how we live, work and play.  So what are the big things coming to fruition in 2019?

Ethics, Data and AI

The emergence of the internet combined with technology developments in areas like sensors including IOT, smart phones and social media has seen society rush head long into a hyper connected world together with an explosion of data, much of it personal.

Murray // @Muzroyale

Your approach to leadership has been a constant source of inspiration and almost a benchmark as I search for my next project or workplace.

Recruitment & Consulting Services Association NSW/ACT Region

BRILLIANT, one of the best presentations. Real, down to earth, lots of take away information from a global and local perspective. AWESOME!!!

Recruitment & Consulting Services Association NSW/ACT Region

Totally irreverent, very entertaining and humorous, however, amongst all of that, he had a great underlying message and some fantastic examples delivered in totally "non-geek" language.

Recruitment & Consulting Services Association NSW/ACT Region

Loved Peter's presentation, funny and engaging. Easy to understand for someone not so tech savvy. Great presentation.

Speaking topics include...

Keeping pace with Digital Innovation

  • Entering the Digital Golden Age
  • Applying a digital lens
  • Why transformations don’t work
  • Getting out of your own way
  • Experiments not business cases
  • Creating an adaptive technology environment
  • How to manage innovation
  • New ways of working
  • Building a high performing ecosystem
  • Learning faster to move faster
  • It is about Out think, Out Execute not Out Spend

Navigating The Future Business Landscape

  • How the digital world has changed the business landscape
  • The emerging roles and business models
  • Fragmentation and Consolidation, a self-supporting cycle
  • What will fragment and what will consolidate
  • How will players in the industry ecosystem interact and evolve
  • Winning Strategies to Position for the Future 

What is AI - Machines will Learn but What will we Teach Them?

  • Your everyday experience of AI
  • Types of AI and How it works?
  • The benefits of AI
  • The Dark side of AI
  • AI in decision making
  • The Inevitability of Bias
  • Is your data being used in ways you anticipated
  • The Creeped Out Consumer
  • The Regulators fight back
  • Keeping Humans in the Loop
  • Avoiding trouble

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