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Michael Bergdahl

Michael Bergdahl is an experienced international business speaker, author and turnaround specialist. He developed his skills as a speaker, trainer, motivator, and coach with a lifetime of on-hands experience in the business world working at Wal-Mart headquarters with Sam Walton. He is a business speaker with substance, who is one part business, one part inspiration and one part storyteller. His ...


Michael Hill

Michael Hill is Chairman and Managing Director of one of New Zealand's most successful retail companies - Michael Hill Jeweller. Thirteen years ago, the first Michael Hill Jeweller store was established. The concept was so innovative that it revolutionised jewellery retailing in New Zealand. Within seven years, there were 70 outlets spread throughout the country and into Australia. Some 10 years ...


Michael Port

Called a 'marketing guru' by the Wall Street Journal, Michael Port lectures, trains, inspires and provides coaching and consulting services to business owners. Michael is the author of bestselling books - Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid, The Contrarian Effect: Why It Pays To Take Typical Sales Advice, Do The Opposite and The Think Big Manifesto. Michael's company runs some of the largest ...


Michael Sherlock

Michael is a high-profile business leader who transformed an ailing set of bakery shops in the late 1990s to position Brumby's as the 2nd-largest bakery franchise system in Australasia with over 320 bakeries by 2007. Under Michael's leadership, Brumby's share price rose from 56c to $3.40 in just over 3 years. ...


Neer Korn

Insightful, informative yet highly engaging and entertaining is what Neer Korn's presentations are all about. Neer takes his audience on a journey through Australian society, peppering his insights with video quotes from Australians themselves that bring the presentation to life. More than learning and entertainment - it's all about creating a culture of instinct. ...


Patria D. Jafferies

Patria Jafferies co-founded Dôme Coffees and is now the company's Managing Director. Initially a small, specialist coffee roaster, Dôme's success grew from its reputation for providing an outstanding range of fine coffees presented in stylish, high-quality packaging. It became necessary to develop the means to showcase the product, which brought about the original Dôme Café concept. Dà ...


Paul McInerny

Principal and Leader of the Asia Pacific Marketing & Sales Practice @ McKinsey and Company, Tokyo. Since joining McKinsey in 2002 Paul McInerny has served retail, apparel, consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics, telecom and media clients across Asia Pacific on a broad range of topics including marketing, CRM, format development, multichannel strategy, pricing and consumer insight driven pro ...


Penny Burke

Once the director of Australia’s largest advertising agency and responsible for iconic campaigns such as Pro Hart’s ‘Stainmaster Carpet’ and the ‘Not Happy Jan’ campaign, Penny’s vision is indelibly stamped into the DNA of Australian advertising. As the director of her own marketing communications firm, Penny works with multinationals, SMEs and at all levels of Government as an expert consultant and speaker. Her keynotes are compelling, witty and backed up by rigorous research and case studies.


Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander sleepwear has grown from a single man operation on a living room table to an internationally recognised sleepwear business and brand name. Peter Alexander started his own business at 24 after working for four years in the retail industry. He decided it was time to be his own boss. With the support of his parents, Peter began making women's pyjamas for the wholesale market, working ...


Peter Irvine

Peter is one of the two Australian leaders behind the success of Gloria Jeans Coffee. After oil, coffee is the most traded product in the world. And in Australia, the popularity of coffee shops is ever increasing, with the biggest slice of the market controlled by Gloria Jean's. Following numerous awards, Gloria Jeans Australia has now set its sight overseas, purchasing the global brand from its o ...


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